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3rd person:

PP origin a manner of speaking of oneself as if in an out-of-body experience when posting introduced by Blithe Spirit and then used by Undertaker #59 in some thread; subsequently stolen as brazenly as an Assante Samuel pick by Annihilus , the reigning King of The Genre. You can find the whole story in this thread.

Example ~~ “Annihilus has found himself pissed off quite often recently. He's not a generally angry person, but does often find himself surrounded by assclowns, imbeciles and walking organ donor containers. In the spirit of education, he's written an essay on this first adventure and may write more if people keep pissing him off. If he writes enough of these, he might compile them into a book and title it: Why Are There So Many Clueless Azzholes, Anyway?”

Some PP regulars have tried to emulate this style but ultimately fail as their heads explode or they realize just how difficult it is to post as if looking over their own shoulder from a parallel dimension while snorting nitrous oxide and drinking Red Bull, something that Annilhus has no problem with apparently.

alt : what most PP membered-members think of as an additional F to be introduced in a hotel room while engaged in standard M/F “relationship-building exercises”




Assclown: (AC abr.) A person who has been deemed useless by PP members usually after a democratic ritual known as a poling.

(This is usually done for overt bad form like E-bedwetting – you know: typical Colts fan behavior.)

NOTE: Although ACs are usually offensive fans of other teams, on some rare occasions Pats fans have been known to be assclowned.

The poling is an opportunity for the general PP membership to vote for someone to be Assclowned. Mods, however, sometimes adjudge a member to become summarily Assclowned and will punch the person's ticket themselves.

(Heinous pronouncements, extremely personal attacks, irrational behavior, however, may bring a further Mod Intervention where a complete banning from PP takes the place of an Assclowning.)

ACs are then relegated to posting ONLY in the Assclown Asylum where those PP Members who choose to entertain (F*** with) an AC may do so while sparing others from reading the subject-Assclown's posts in response.


Assclown Asylum:

Assclown Asylum: (ACA abr.) The forum is a segregated Community located in the bowels of The Planet to which AC's are sentenced. AC's may only post in the ACA. A final resting place before earning the inevitable banning from PP.



99.9% of the time does not refer to a machine that gives out cash here on the Planet but you may have to pay cash to get ATM (ask SOKB, he'll be glad to explain)


Aztec Chicken:

What the legendary fusion99 ordered to eat when at Red Lobster, a well-known seafood restaurant (alt the South-of-the-Border-Heritaged date that fusion99 hoped to have consumed after eating with her at Red Lobster).



Origin the PP member mgoblue101415 (a bitchy yet beautiful person)

PP usage : a cuter way of using the word bastid, bahstahd or basturd in everyday posting.



Bill Belichick, HC of the NEP; a mythical-like figure to most Pats fans; a devotee of game-film breakdowning and co-inventor of Tivo

alt PP meaning : a non-existent cup size still searched for by most PP MM when they are diligently game-film breakdowning the Girlie Pic thread.



Another huge shitstorm caused by the now banned (thank god) poster NEM over a sports illustrated poll.



A memberless-member posing as a Mid-West mom and Colts fan who is, in reality, a (now) well-known CIA assassin.



The events leading up to and including the first assclowning of an actual Patriots Fan.



Usually a young, nubile female, mostly of the coquettish and dangerous (hence the derivation) age of the dreaded near the over/under the age of consent ; however can also be interpreted as any young lady that appears ripe for the picking after which the picker-upper is likely to go to the slammer (either a standard local jail cell or the more feared Wifely Interrogation Ritual).

PP origin Hawg73 in various posts introduced this term here most notably in the following ~~

"While driving through Rockland on route 123 I spotted a young (18-21- ish) female wearing a short, skin-tight red dress and spiked heels who was thumbing with her back to traffic. She was walking and the rounded orbs of her buttocks jiggled in a horizontal bump and grind.....I kept right on driving and almost hit a curb when I got a look at the jugs she was sporting in my rearview mirror as I passed by her. She was like a neon sign radiating pure sex and danger. A real dangerette " .



What all Planeteers feel while waiting for Peyton to possibly win his 1st SB
(alt a moonshine-producing Colts fan yet Planeteer regular living in Bumblast, VA).


Ear worms:

A F'n song/tune that once introduced becomes etched into one's skull in a manner that requires a lit M-80 be inserted into one's ear to dislodge.

PP origin [it says here] bideau , a Planet Mod who (allegedly) offers to rid memberless-members of their ear worms by using his tongue.



The Earth Mother and Original Dominatrix of PatriotsPlanet.

(alt the individual most responsible for bringing RoadGrader out of it's shell and unleashing it upon PP).


Girlie Pic Thread:

A collection of delectable delights where membered-members go, with the lights turned down low, so nobody will know, just what they do down below, when the wife/GF don't say HELLO, and they don't have the dough, to drive downtown for a pro, where most likely about the time they would sow, The Man would stop by and say WOAH, what's you do wit dat hoe, and you tell him your sad tale of woe, and The Man says don't tell him no moe, just get lost before you on tonight's TV news show.


Hibbity Smibbity:

A person(s) who thinks they are better than others.

PP origin the memberless-member Jh introduced the phrase thusly: The tofu thing was aimed at those [people] who are so "perfect" that their kids will have only the "best things for them" and won't let them ever have chips or a soda every once in awhile. Hibbity Smibbity people, not health nuts. Kinds like, we are better than you because we eat tofu, hmm hmm hmm.



A Patriots-logo emblazoned hooded sweatshirt worn at all time by Bill Belichick; preferably dull grey in color with sleeves cutoff at mid-forearm length by means of a broken beer bottle.

alt PP meaning what membered-members put on a woodie before **you know** while wearing a dull grey in color, Patriots-logo emblazoned cowled sweatshirt with cutoff sleeves.




(PP origin MM Benign Despot) A young (teen or tween) attractive female individual. No longer jailbait but close enough. An Ice Cream treat in a small container with removable lid (which one must always lick to remove excess ice creamage -- which actually is good practice in case you run into a real Hoodsie later). Term thought to be unique to the immediate Greater Boston, MA area.



In My Honest/Humble Opinion (never used properly by NEM before he was banned for life on account of he couldn't meet the Terms & Conditions Clause).



That which refers to anything involving The Loins.

[common PP usage -- (actual posts cited) : "The use of a Wham-block in a running scheme gives me (a) loinular enlivening."

"I would like to get busy with that chick in a big way loinularly."]



Nickname of Pats OG #70 Logan Mankins as 1st introduced on PP by a longtime childhood bud, the memberless-member, Jh****** now going by the handle Jh.

Why his friends couldn't have chosen a more manly name like say, Mongo, I guess we'll never know.




Eric Mangini, former defensive coordinator of the NEPs working under A Real Genius, BB.

The great and powerful man behind the curtain who's departure spells doom for the NEPs and glory for the NYJs (Karma can NEVER start too early).



A usually laughable appendage of a Male Planeteer unless he has a large post-count.



A Male Planeteer.



A Female Planeteer.




PP usage shorthand code for Membered Member [a Male Planeteer].




PP usage shorthand code for Memberless Member [a Female Planeteer].




PP usage shorthand code for Female Membered Member [a Tranny; aka/ Chick-with-Stick].



That which some Planeteers are; a Religious practice or preference.

alt PP meaning : that which most PP membered-members want to be accessible to, at any time above anything else in the whole world, ever.




PP usage Not Enough Boobies origin the MM, BY1401 who, although a simple farmboy from Southern Indiana used to animal udders of all kinds – and a Colts fan to boot – knows good human female pulchitrude when he hears it talked about .



(n. - event) - The NEM fueled shitstorm that accompanied the arrival of numerous members of on their temporarily homeless welcome to the Planet during the Great Patsfans DOS Attack of November '06.



Traditional: used as a shout of approval, triumph, or encouragement to a Matador as he uses a red cape to allow a raging Bull to pass by him.

PP usage: used as a shout of distain by Pats fans as they witness (again) #72 Matt Light allow a raging Bull to pass by him unimpeded to savage #12 Tom Brady (again and again). Refugees:

(n.) - The remaining members of Patsfans that joined up as either permanent residents or dual-citizenship transplants after the Great Patsfans DOS Attack of November '06.



A Sex Poll.



A poll about any other topic other than Sex.



A comment added in a thread by a member; ( alt the member of a membered-member).



A Planeteer with a significant cumulative number of posts or way too many posts within a single thread; ( see KenJr30; MEPATNUT).



Patriots Planet, the best 2nd rate Patriots Fan Forum constantly striving for 3rd ratedom.



Best used with the ™® symbols (as in RealDoll™®); a tackling dummy used by RealDummies when they can't find A Real Girl to go with to Red Lobster.


Red Lobster:

Common PP usage : "Oh man, that dude thought he had that chick knocked until she Red Lobster'd him"

Origin 1st introduced by the legendary PP membered-member fusion99 who brought a potential f-buddy on a date to the one establishment he thought would allow him to get seafood for dessert.



To cheer for; ex: “GO PATS!!” ( alt that which Chad Jackson cannot run).




PP origin Brownfan80 , further refined by Baron Samedi.

Super Intelligent Cannibal Killer. Usually in reference to insane, evil, stick-sharpening Monkeys. A rare breed of these S.I.C.K. Monkeys have evolved an invisibility gene, thus making them S.I.C.K.I.M.s (Super Intelligent Cannibal Killer Invisible Monkeys). They are very, very dangerous. And very, very evil.


Smoke Show:

PP origin Hawg73 - For Planet Men, that which describes a smoking-hot chickie; a beautiful woman who can be of (most) any age

For Planet Women, that which they would like to have deployed when viewing Planet Men.



A game played using a round black and white polka-dotted ball slightly smaller than a basketball. contestants may use their feet only in this game as it is considered THE ONLY GAME that should be called foot ball by devotees such as PP MM Benign Despot.

Most Planeteers reject the notion of using The Feet in any sport that does not feature the incorporation of this part of the body other than for under the table sports played in public venues or the sucking of toes thereon when in private locales.



Sh!t Outlawed (from) Killer Ballin' ( alt PP member: sonsofkraftybob ).



Peyton Manning.



A member ( alt a thread embedded at the top of a sub-forum for maximum visibility usually resulting in everyone ignoring it).



Super Intelligent Cannibal Killer. Usually in reference to insane, evil, stick-sharpening Monkeys. A rare breed of these S.I.C.K. Monkeys have evolved an invisibility gene, thus making them S.I.C.K.I.M.s (Super Intelligent Cannibal Killer Invisible Monkeys). They are very, very dangerous. And very, very evil.


The Code:

PP origin/author, MM Brownfan80– a PP registered Hoe-Master.

Simply put, The Code is Pictures of Boobies (in the possession of other than that of the owner of whose boobies have been photographed) that may not be redistributed on the Internet without the consent of those who have shown the Boobies.

The correct application of The Code leads to the camera man/woman receiving more pictures of Boobies because the Boobie-showers can trust that no one but tat person is seeing the Boobies shown.

NOTE: The exception to The Code is when the Boobies have been published elsewhere on the Internet, making them free game for redistribution.


The Dark Days:

(aka The Mod Wars) - When a previous admin forgot to take his medication, started deleting threads and banning people at will. The result was a member revolt, the near collapse of the Planet and eventually the resignation of the admin. That was followed by the coronation of UT as the Planet's "His Royal Majesty Admin For Life".


The Silent 20:

The mythical 20 mods beyond the real five. Was coined when a now-defunct member who had campaigned to be a mod. Source can be found in this thread .

variations - The Esteemed 25 , The Council of 25.



A topic started by an Original Poster (OP) which may or may not
generate additional comments; ( alt what some PP members hang by here; see : dashoe).




This Thread is Useless Without Pics.

Usually connotes a desire of the person posting this Acronym to have someone post a nudie /semi-nudie picture of some female – any female.

Usually a smoking hot one, but in reality, any female is acceptable as long as mucho skin is in evidence.


Undertaker #59:


[aka/ UT ]; the Planet's Site Owner and Enigma. Membername stems from the legendary Patriots Linebacker Vincent Brown who played in the early '90s. Brown was called “The Undertaker” by teammates and his NFL peers voted him as having the best physique. UT claims his PP name is as a result of not wanting a moniker that would conflict with anyone else's --- sure, LOL pal.

PP's Undertaker #59 is best known for burying miscreaents to his Planet --as viciously as Vincent Brown --usually without bothering to embalm them first. PP regulars can't comment on his physique though because no one has ever really seen him. He allegedly goes to Patriot's games regularly but has never made it a point to meet any known Planeteers who might also be there. There are no known photos of him/her on the Intrawebnet either but trolling Adult Web Sites might lead to him/her being "discovered" yet.

Strangely absent from PP whenever Cirque du Soleil is in Town, UT sports a Stephen King inspired Pennywise clownface avatar and allegedly lives in New Hampshire, which kinda figures on account of the large number of other clowns that come from there.



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