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It's Cam!

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He's coming back on a one year deal.

Cue hysterics....

Welcome back, Trent Brown

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That's interesting, we're getting Trent Brown back? Great news.

Brown is adjusting his contract according to Rapoport to make it happen. We know the Pats will go run heavy next season, this is another cog. I wonder will Bill go for a double with Gruden and take Matiota as well??

We're going after Jimmy G.

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According to BR this is "far and away their Plan A".

Don't have a link, it just came up as an alert on my phone.

Link now below


Alex Smith cut...

Van Noy released by Dolphins

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A Russell Wilson Trade Looks Imminent

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By Michael-Shawn Dugar, Mike Sando and Jayson Jenks

Days before a critical home game against the Cardinals, Russell Wilson met with members of the Seahawks’ coaching staff. It was a time of high tension. In Seattle’s previous two games, Wilson had turned the ball over seven times, and the Seahawks had lost both, first to the Bills, then to the Rams. The offense needed to get on track, and Wilson had ideas on how to make that happen.

Instead, the meeting would come to symbolize the divide between Wilson and the organization.

Pete Carroll has built Hall of Fame credentials on what he sees as simple truths about how the game is best played: Run the ball, avoid turnovers, explode in the passing game. “It is not because we just want to knock our head against a wall,” Carroll once explained. “It is because the game is played well when you don’t give the other...

RIp, Marty

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One of a kind. Very good man. Sad day for me. Go get the gleam, Mart.

Eagles To Interview Josh McDaniels

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Eagles To Interview Josh McDaniels

January 16th, 2021 at 2:15pm CST by Sam Robinson
After an unusually quiet start to his offseason, Josh McDaniels will be part of this year’s HC interview circuit after all. The Patriots OC will meet with the Eagles about their top coaching job, Bo Wulf and Zac Jackson of The Athletic report (subscription required).
The frequently sought-after coordinator will meet with Jeffrey Lurie on Sunday. While McDaniels is certainly one of the more polarizing candidates available, he has already begun recruiting staffers in the event he can land the Philadelphia gig, per Jackson and Wulf. That strategy turned out to have notable consequences in Indianapolis.
McDaniels spurning the Colts three years ago led to the Eagles losing OC Frank Reich. Their...

Is Julian Edelman leaving?

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Very interesting tweet from Julian. Sounds like he might be leaving and/or retiring?

Mayo to interview for Eagles job

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Just saw on NFL Network that the Eagles have asked Mayo to interview for the HC job.

Steph Stradley Goes Off On Easterby, McNair And Their Choice of Caserio As GM

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She wrote this in response to Caserio's press conference for publication in the Houston Chronicle for all Texans fans to see. She is not happy.

I have seen every significant press conference since the beginning of the team. Given the attention to this one, the topic, the timing, the misery of the fans and players, the trust and confidence needed to be earned, this, by far was the worst press conference in almost 20-year history of the team.

Since the announcement of the formation of the Texans, I have followed the team closer than is medically advisable.

Firstly, because I enjoy watching football and having a local team to watch and the energy from that. But also, as sort of a case study of how to build a sports organization from scratch, and more specifically, what works and doesn’t work for winning NFL football.

The strategy of that on every level is fascinating to me. Eventually, by default, I ended up being a person who paid too much attention to the Texans so...

Week 17 Other Games

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Didn't see one already up. On the slate we have:

1:00 Games

ATL@TB: Influences playoff seeding. If the Bucs win, they face the winner of the NFC East guaranteed. If they lose, they may face NO, GB, or SEA in the Wild Card Round.

DAL@NYG: Influences playoff picture. If WAS loses to PHI, the winner of this game is in the playoffs. Yes, that means the NYG can qualify for the playoffs with a 6-10 season. Personally I'm kinda rooting for that because it would be hilarious.

MIN@DET: Influences draft order. Both of these teams are bad, and both are guaranteed out of the playoffs. Not exactly a must-watch game.

PIT@CLE: Influences playoff picture, seeding. The Browns are one of 5 teams in the AFC with a 10-5 record, competing for 4 spots. One of those will be Titans / Colts, but the Browns are playing for the chance to get into the playoffs while the Steelers are resting starters.

BAL@CIN: Influences playoff picture, seeding. The Ravens are another of the 5...

WEEK 17 • Sunday - Jete at New England Patriots

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Here is the last game day thread. As bad as this season has been, it is always good to go out with a victory against the Jete. Although I am not as confident in this game now that the Jete are actually trying to win.

Rebuilding The Patriots For 2021 And Beyond

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Jeff Howe gives his thoughts - the Athletic

My comments:
I'll add Fla. QB Kyle Trask to his list of QBs to draft. 6'5", 240. Drop back pocket presence++ with decent mobility. 2020 stats - 70% completion rate, 4125 yds, 11.6 AY/A, 43 TDs and only 5 ints. BB could trade back to around 20-25 and still get Trask while adding a late 2nd or early 3rd to boot.
WRs - Marvin Jones &/or Corey Davis would be perfect, thank you.
TE - Hunter Henry for sure. He'd help immensely.
Adding a TE & 2 WRs would do wonders for the offense.
LB - Lavonte David has been productive his entire career plus he can cover a back or a TE.
Of our own FAs, I'm not certain JMac will be back, at least not as a CB; maybe at S. I'd like to keep Byrd and James White.


The 2021 FA Market With Emphasis On TE & WR

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This free agent wide receiver group is extremely diverse in terms of playing styles, with a handful of true X receivers, great slot weapons, deep threats, after-the-catch specialists and so on. Whatever type of playmaker a team is looking for, they’re out there.

Here’s how the top of the class stacks up over the 2019 and 2020 regular seasons, with a few notable position ranks (min. 75 targets) included in parentheses:

PlayerYards per route runExplosive Plays (15+ yards)Average depth of targetYards after catch / receptionContested catches
Chris Godwin2.10479.65.9 (8th)22
Kenny Golladay2.124015.8 (4th)4.136 (3rd)
Allen Robinson II1.9154 (4th)11.02.844...

WEEK 14 • THURSDAY NIGHT - New England Patriots AT Los Angeles Rams

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Figured I would get this thread going given the 4 day turn around. Feel good about our D vs their O. Don't feel great about our O vs their D. Still very winnable but probably our toughest game left.

BB Seems To Have Finally Hit On A Safety Hybrid

LeGarrette Blount Has Officially Retired - Thanks For All You Did!

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WEEK 13 • SUN 12/06 • 4:25 PM EST - New England Patriots AT Los Angeles Chargers

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The New England Patriots will attempt to get back to .500 this week when they begin a two-game stint in Los Angeles and a three-game road trip overall. After facing the Chargers on Sunday, the Patriots will stay on the West Coast to prepare for a Thursday Night Football game against the Rams. The Patriots will then play their final regular season road game at Miami in Week 15 before returning home for the final two weeks of the season.


By Paul Perillo
When the Patriots run - Edge: Patriots
After several weeks of solid production on the ground the Patriots have been held in check by suspect defenses the last two weeks. Damien Harris remains the lead dog but for the second straight game he failed to reach the 50-yard mark, this time against a banged up Arizona front. Teams are stacking the box and forcing the Patriots to adjust, and other than a few occasional quick hitters toward the edges they have not been able to do so...

2020 - Playoff Thread

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It's a bit early, but we can track movements up and down the likely fixtures week by week.

If the season ended now, this is what we'd get with the new 7 teams per conference format. Only 1st seed gets the bye. Some intriguing matchups, in the AFC I think our Buffalo pals would be a bit nervous going up against the Browns. Which is some statement to make.

Annotation 2020-12-01 162622.jpg