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Week 9 - Patriots at Jets - Mon 11/09 · 8:15 PM EST

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The New England Patriots will remain in AFC East Division play for the second straight week when they travel to the New York Jets on Monday Night Football. It will be the first of two straight prime-time games. Following Monday's game against the Jets, the Patriots will return home to face Baltimore on Sunday Night Football on Nov. 15.

This week's game marks the second of three Monday night games for the Patriots in 2020. In addition to the Jets game, the Patriots played at Kansas City Week 4 on a Monday night and they will host Buffalo Week 16 on Monday, Dec. 28. It will be the fourth time the Patriots will have three Monday night games in one season. They also played three Monday night games in 1980, 1997 and 1998.


By Paul Perillo
When the Patriots run - Edge: Patriots
The Patriots got back on track on the ground during the second half of their tough 24-21 loss at Buffalo on Sunday. After rushing for just 44 yards on 14 carries...

Patriots acquire WR Isaiah Ford from Dolphins

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YES! We get Isaiah Ford from the Dolphins!!


Hindsight in 2020 -- Redoing Some Recent Pats Drafts

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There is an old saying that “hindsight is 20/20” – which basically means that it is easy to look back after the fact and know what the right thing to do was or at least way easier than knowing in advance. Nothing is a better example of that than the crapshoot that is the NFL draft, but.......I got curious.

Since the media is having a field day trying to roast Bill Belichick at the stake for our, lets say, lack of dynamic NFL talent at several key positions, I have been asking myself what the truth of the matter is and it’s hard to argue that this is clearly the case as we approach the halfway point of the most bizarre season in NFL history. We pretty much suck at TE, WR, LB and are subpar on the defensive line. QB is also a huge question mark, to put it kindly.

With all that in mind I have decided to have a little fun with all of this and revisit a few of our recent drafts just to see if there were any players available that might have been able to help us be a little more...

For what it's worth, the Patriots are the best rushing team in the NFL

Shaggy (Trevor Lawrence) Watch

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He wants to see the NFL Draft order list first before saying anything. In other words, he doesn't want to play for the JETE. :coffee:

2002 VS 2020

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Way back when, 2002, the Patriots were coming into the season flying high, having won the first ever Super Bowl in New England's long and storied history...

In 2002, we opened the season, christening Gillette by decimating the stealers 30-14... That was pretty fantastic, if you can remember back that far...

Things didn't turn out so well though over the course of the regular season... we went on a 4 game slide, 3 before the bye, 1 after... standing 3-4 after week 8... If you remember back, we had offensive troubles in those losses, scoring 14, 13, 10 & 16 respectively... The team was able to adjust though, and made a game of it for the rest of the season...

2020 is shaping up much like 2002 did... the offensive problems can be fixed... but it all starts with Cam... we can't win unless we have at the very least the threat of a passing game... Otherwise, we will see teams just stack the box on offense ... If all we do is run ... yeah... you know the answer to that... Our tailbacks...

The NFL's Analytics Revolution Is Here. Adapt Or Get Left Behind.

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Much more to the article at the link below. I catch up with Warren Sharp's articles 5-6 times a year. Brilliant mind.

"The smartest teams are getting significantly smarter, the average teams are trying to get better, and the dumbest teams are going to be very dumb if they don’t act soon."

The new information can also help teams simplify play-calling, like going for it on fourth down more often. The Eagles won the Super Bowl in part because of their aggressiveness in such situations—and in part because they went for two-point conversions when it was mathematically smart to do so. Analytics are not new to football, but this depth of knowledge is. The Eagles have had an analytics department for nearly two decades. “We confirmed,” said Joe Banner, the former Eagles president who helped set up the department, “that there’s a competitive advantage in analytics in a league that is structured to prevent you from having a competitive advantage.”

The Patriots have...

Who makes the best pizza?

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This is a new thread type for us. You can post a question and allow voting on answers.

Please reply and post some answers.

No Pro Bowl this year

Leveon Bell cut by Jests... worth a look?

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Or is he just a clubhouse cancer?

The non-political Coronavirus thread

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Okay, I've been back full time for awhile now and been able to get a pretty good grasp of some of the political climate and timbre.

This thread might be a spectacular failure, but I thought it was worth a shot as this virus has affected all of us in so many ways. It it fails, please accept my apologies and I'll get rid of it or move it. But I need your help to keep this thread away from upsetting people.

So, I am not looking for any debate in here. More of a "how has it affected you?" A place to talk about it's effect on your life both the good and the bad. Maybe some of your concerns.

What I don't want in here is debate about it's lethality. Or debates about how serious it should be taken. Or what the government or other organized crime organizations should do. No articles referencing statistics about comorbidity factors.

Does that make sense?

No, I would like this thread to be far more personal. Talk about you. Not what that lady in pajamas at Wal-Mart did...

It warms my heart to see people returning!

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Welcome back to all of you. Just in the last 12 hours we have seen the return of @imapig @TBrownslady and @mgoblue101415

I feel like there were one or two others I can't recall right now. It was another absurdly early morning for me. Please accept my apologies and post here telling me what an awful person I am.

I have seen a few others lurking. Feel free to post! But, like, no pressure or anything. This thread can be a good return point. Everyone is welcome back with a fresh start. Drop those old grievances and let's build the Planet into the thriving fun culture it was known for.

But seeing these older posters return is really rewarding after all the hours spent working to save the site. Thank you!

Edit: if you are lurking and can't login, email me at with some of your account details and we can do a password reset.

Drew Bledsoe on Belichick's strategy for QBs, talks Russell Wilson & Tom Brady

Welcome to the ALL NEW, and even NEWER Patriots Planet! (sponsored by Gal Gadot)

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Ugh, been crunching on this all week. I couldn't sleep and started the migration at 3am.


Use this thread to talk about it. I don't have it all figured out yet.

As part of this being a fresh start for Patriots Planet itself, many banned or assclowned posters are being given a fresh start too. If they make their way here, please don't bring up past grievances. Start fresh and see how things go from this point on.

There is so much to talk about that I have done here, and this was going to be a long post, but I am rushing to get it open for you instead.

But Patriots Planet is finally modern, on the latest software, using the latest versions of libraries.

Right now, it is pretty much me providing moderation. dchester can do some as well, but is retired so has more important things to do. Any other mods of Patriots Planet past are always welcome back to contribute as you like. But as part of securing everything down and moving to the new software, anyone who has been...

Week 5 games

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Bears beat the Bucs & Brady can no longer count to four. It’s time to hang it up when you lose track of downs.

Week 5, no week 6. I don't know - Donks at Patriots. Someone else needs to create these threads!

More Positive COVID Tests for the Pats - Gilmore Tests Positive

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PS DT Bill Murray tested positive from Monday's test.
Gilmore's test from Tuesday came back positive.
How many more...?

The NFL should have allowed the Pats to close it's doors for at least a week before resuming team activities to let this settle.
Piling into a plane and playing a game 2.5 days after a positive test is not in the best interest of the Pats or the league.
The NFL is investigating the Pats but WHO IS INVESTIGATING THE NFL?
The NFL is taking a shortsighted approach to this and will suffer in the long run if it continues to take chances gambling with incubation period.

Cam Tests Positive to COVID Today

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Adam Schefter@AdamSchefter
Patriots’ QB Cam Newton tested positive and is out for Sunday’s game vs. Kansas City, per @FieldYates and me.

Hope it's a false positive...if not the Chiefs game could be postponed since I'd expect more players to come up positive.
It is what it is.

Week 4, 2020 - Patriots @Chiefs

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Nantz and Romo will again call this game.....

Nice to be going to KC as firm underdogs.