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Week 5, no week 6. I don't know - Donks at Patriots. Someone else needs to create these threads!

More Positive COVID Tests for the Pats - Gilmore Tests Positive

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PS DT Bill Murray tested positive from Monday's test.
Gilmore's test from Tuesday came back positive.
How many more...?

The NFL should have allowed the Pats to close it's doors for at least a week before resuming team activities to let this settle.
Piling into a plane and playing a game 2.5 days after a positive test is not in the best interest of the Pats or the league.
The NFL is investigating the Pats but WHO IS INVESTIGATING THE NFL?
The NFL is taking a shortsighted approach to this and will suffer in the long run if it continues to take chances gambling with incubation period.

Cam Tests Positive to COVID Today

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Adam Schefter@AdamSchefter
Patriots’ QB Cam Newton tested positive and is out for Sunday’s game vs. Kansas City, per @FieldYates and me.

Hope it's a false positive...if not the Chiefs game could be postponed since I'd expect more players to come up positive.
It is what it is.

Week 4, 2020 - Patriots @Chiefs

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Nantz and Romo will again call this game.....

Nice to be going to KC as firm underdogs.