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Patriots Offensive Line

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1. Mac Jones has been lights out in August when he actually has time to throw. His poor throws or INTs in training camp have been due to the crappy OLine play, which keeps breaking down and giving up sacks or QB pressures.

2. The Patriots are absolutely stacked with pass catchers across Meyers, Bourne, Agholor, Devonte Parker, Henry, and Jonnu Smith. The RB group is also stacked with Harris and Stevenson. It’s all about the OLine for the offense. The offense will live or die this year by the OLine play.

3. Now onto the OLine. It was absolutely the right decision to move Trent Brown back to left tackle. Scar the guru played Trent Brown at LT before Scar retired, and Brown was a durable, elite Superbowl-winning left tackle for the Pats in 2018.

4. Wynn needs to be traded. Take the 4th rd pick (or 3rd) and just do it. He’s injury prone, eats up almost 11M in cap space, and was mediocre in 2021. Wynn is simply too undersized to play tackle, it’s probably why he keeps...

Patriots Drafts, 2018-2022

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Disaster! It's common knowledge that these drafts were disasters.

  • Isaiah Wynn
  • Sony Michel
  • Duke Dawson
  • Ju'Whaun Bentley
  • Braxton Berrios
Assuming Wynn doesn't disappear, and Dawson continues his resurrection, that's 5 legit NFLers. But 3-5 in any case.

  • Chase Winovich
  • Damian Harris
  • Yodney Cajuste
  • Jarrett Stidham
  • Jake Bailey
Looks like Stidham will stick around the NFL for a journeyman backup career, and Winovich seems like he has a home. 5 legit NFLers.

  • Kyle Dugger
  • Josh Uche
  • Anfernee Jennings
  • Michael Onwenu
  • Justin Herron
Still early, but it looks like Dugger & Onwenu are solid, Uche & Jennings likely. If they would only play Herron at LT, he seems to be a serviceable backup. 3 to 5 NFLers.

  • Mac Jones
  • Christian Barmore
  • Rhamondre Stevenson
  • Joshuah Bledsoe
  • Tre Nixon
...and possibly Perkins and/or McGrone. 4-7 NFLers.

Still early...

Malcolm Butler Placed on IR

Towards the 53...

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...and PS, and injury stashes, and shadow roster.

A thread for roster projections, cut downs, and everyone's favorites: projected trades!

I can't remember a camp with more interesting roster questions and battles. Within position groups, and real, impactful questions about how many to keep at each position group.

Key questions beyond simple positional battles:
  • Because of Montgomery, how many combined RB & WR? In theory it could be less, but if he's a key contributor/chess piece, does it end up meaning we keep more?
  • It seems that there are a number of guys pushing the traditional ST Ninja core. Does Schooler push someone out? Do the tight positional battles squeeze out a "Teams only" guy for a guy who provides depth/high potential and can contribute on STs?
  • 3 QBs on the 53? Would Zappe and/or Hoyer make it to PS?
  • Up to 16 practice squad slots this year, and almost anyone can be on it. Plus, 2 can go from PS to game day roster each week, so it's useful to...

QB1 Mac Jones voted #85

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Mac the Knife has been voted to the Top 100 players on NFLN at #85
'Top 100 Players of 2022': Mac Jones | No. 85

James White Announces his Retirement

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Congrats to a true champion. Such an outstanding Patriot. I hope that he truly loves his retirement, and perhaps joins the coaching staff!

(Preseason) Game Thread - Game 1 Pats v. Giants

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Tomorrow night - NFL Network and with only 1 other preseason game on tap (no tv coverage of that I'm aware of), this is basically the "national game". Plenty of potential for the talking heads to go one way or the other depending on what happens.

Patriots 2022 TV schedule

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This is a little selfish to post as a new thread, but I am not going to pay $60+ a month for one of the big streaming services just to watch football any longer. It is the only live thing I watch any more.

So I am going to be more creative and selective in what I pay for (though less savory streaming options may be a tertiary option) For example, you can subscribe to Paramount + for $5 or $10 a month for CBS games.

If you have the Disney Bundle, you can watch the ESPN games. Etc.

So I am posting this here to keep track of what games are on what network.

There are some other options too if you have a family member with a full blown cable subscription as well through TV Anywhere. You just need them to create an email address for you.

Any, feel free to use the thread for streaming conversations or whatever. Hopefully next year the Ticket is blown wide open for streaming options.


Dulfins lose draft pics, owner fined

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just got an ESPN alert. will post as soon as I get the link on my pc

Watson now suspended for 11 games and $5M fine

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Pathetic. absolutely pathetic.

No fine. The NFLPA nor Watson will appeal. Obviously.

No word from the NFL yet.

Bill Russell RIP

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Deserves its own thread.

11 Championships, 5 MVP awards.

Celtics legend.


Jason McCourty announces his retirement.

N'Keal Harry traded to the Bears

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For a 2024 7th round pick. I would have just asked for a case of beer right now and called it good. :ROFLMAO:

Gillette to Host 2023 Army-Navy Game

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If my Dad were still with us, I'd have to move heaven and earth to get tickets to this game. He was a Navy/Marine guy through and through and this was always his favorite game of the year. I'll plan to see what I can do to get tickets to this event.

Gillette Stadium in Foxborough will host the Army-Navy Game in 2023, a source told Sports Team 10's Joe Kayata.

An official announcement is expected Wednesday afternoon.

The game is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 9, 2023.

It was the third time the Kraft Sports and Entertainment Group put in a bid for the game.

Providence is expected to play a prominent role as the host city for Navy.

The Rhode Island Convention Center will serve as the home base for the more than 4,000 Midshipmen making the trip from...

Former Patriots coach Romeo Crennel retires after 39 NFL seasons

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I thought I'd add this thread to our list:
He was a fine Patriots coach, back in the day. I remember when they won the championship after the 2004 season, and he announced he was hired by the Browns to be their head coach! Good times!

Trade Wynn?

Who would win if the 1986 Celtics could play the 2022 Celtics in the NBA Finals?

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This involves a time machine (I know that dead Dennis Johnson & 65 yo Larry Bird would lose). Based on comments made in another thread, I'm just looking for people's perceptions of how much better/worse the present era is.

So, my question is, if the 80's Celtics in their prime (peaked IMO in '86, but pick another year if you wish) could play this year's Celtics in the NBA finals, what would the result be?

RIP Gino Cappelletti

2022 Rookie Camp, OTAs, Mini Camp, Mandatory Mini Camp And Training Camp

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First Day: April 18
OTA Offseason Workouts: May 23-24, May 26, June 1-3, June 13-14, June 16-17

Pats' rookie minicamp is from May 13-15. Closed to the media.
Mandatory minicamp for all players is still set for June 7-9.

Can't wait!


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Everyone talks about "sure fire Pro-Bowlers" and every year having picks in the top 5 are going to change your franchise. Fans lose their minds when GMs blow a first rounder.

The reality is that 1st rounders are far from a sure thing, and fans need to have some perspective on just how much of a crapshoot the draft is.

Presenting the first rounders who should be going into the 10th years of their illustrious, dominant NFL careers:

Eric Fisher​
Central Michigan​
Luke Joeckel​
Texas A&M​