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  • The Wiz's board (A Pats board) circa 1996-1998
    Then sean from JI came over being all sean like,Inviting us over to JI for smack talk. The Wiz got married,and killed the board and many of us we're left at JI,
    Later JetNation.... Finally finding other kindered souls(pats fans) here at PP.

    Merry Christmas to your and yours!!!!!!! Happy New Year too! If the Jets make the SB I may slit my throat :)
    One day it just donned on me that I wasn't having any fun over there anymore so I just decided to go on hiatus. I don't know if it's all of the new posters from JI or what but it's just not the same.
    How come you don't post on JN anymore?

    Oh, and I'm slowly building a militia on that gangster thingy. I'll attack when the time is right.
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