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  • Think of me as with you spiritually but to old and tired for the war.
    Cheers, :thumb:
    Thanks DS. He is a good kid. Very good player too, but not D1 material yet. We have no desire for him to play the requisite 1-2 years of juniors in some God forsaken town in Iowa or Wisconsin to get the partial D1 scholarship. They have come calling and even waited for him to comet of the dressing room at the last showcase but his career will be designing cars or rockets..... or rocket cars. Who knows?

    He got 10K/year to play Lacrosse and hockey at college will be free so I am done with ice bills. I guess I will need to buy skates still....

    I thought I would be ecstatic when the ice bills were "finally" done but as I type this it doesn't feel all that happy. I am going to miss being able to pop into a practice and attend all of his games.

    They grow up.
    Congrats on your sons athletic and scholastic accomplishments. Watch a lot of college hockey so let me know if he's D1 and televised.
    You have my permission to use as much of the past as you'd like. Thanks for the rep. :)
    Thank you, sir. Big 10 is only going to get stronger. Glad our teams shut people up this bowl season.
    Hey there, just wanted to let you know that I appreciated your comments in the Seau thread. I was being a bit righteous and presented my thoughts and opinions in an unfair manner (for lack of a better term). No doubt I was a bit off-base. Again, my apologies. I (normally) try to make an effort to present opinions exactly as that -- opinions, and today I didn't. I certainly feel badly when I come across the way I did.

    In other news, I'm hoping for a big win this weekend! Very, very excited about the defense.

    Kindest regards!
    Bound to happen, of course.
    Really neither. I was just making a stupid reply. :jester:

    Your answer was perfectly valid, though.

    I will ask again.....stop replying to my posts, nobody is hyjacking anything, let it go. You want to be nice, stop talking to me. Stop trying to friend me, stop trying to send me things...enough already. I asked nice this time.
    I am sooo jealous......but happy for you...stop by every now and then huh........:)
    I'm the picture...:) hope they family is great....stop by more often huh....:hug:
    you are never around........
    I'll try harder next time......forgive me?????????:)
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