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    Real Riots Vs. Planned Riots

    I watched a bit of it but I don’t have time for 21 minutes. It appears that they are saying that the entire shooting was staged?
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    The Death Penalty

    If I told you that you were going to be late for an important meeting if you didn't drive 79 mph across the freeway would you do it? What if I told you that the speed limit was 60 and that if you were caught doing faster than that you would be heavily penalized via speeding tickets? What if I...
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    The corona virus

    She is a complete idiot in the tradition of our idiot here in Michigan. They are trying to out woke each other in an effort to promote themselves on the Marxist left.
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    Abortion Thread 2.0

    Previous to Patswin we struggled through many thread closures including this lighting rod. Somethings have been different lately. You decide what they are. Seems that we can have reasonable discourse on this topic while disagreeing. Many dislike this guy, but he makes great points especially...
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    A High Level Study Of Mac Jones' Game

    Trust me, I share the crush. I was on here screaming before the draft for the Pats to take Mac.
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    Looking at the Patriots - 2021

    Gosh, I hope Mazz and Middie were sitting down when they read this.... :coffee:
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    The Death Penalty

    No. I am presenting it as "you, in your attempt to virtue signal and out woke everyone" don't care about future victims. The death penalty WILL prevent innocents from being murdered. You are willing to sacrifice them.
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    The Death Penalty

    Said person is DEAD already. Said person's family has lost. Murderer, if proven, should lose the same. My goalposts don't move. That is the way of the left.
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    Political Humor

    Pure gold.
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    Caitlyn Jenner Files Paperwork to Challenge Newsom for Governor

    We shall see. Newsom won in a different time before he showed his true self.
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    The corona virus

    Read this story about how our wonderful, Soros controlled, hypocrite, democrat/marxist, governor just keeps lying. You question why I don't believe a word for the left??? Story: Down one day the next no nonsense trip to check in on critically ill father Fact: 4 days in the sunshine state Fact...
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    The corona virus

    LOL. What?!?!? You don't like tequila? What do you have against celebrating with Mexicans? Why does me living my life while the open states prove you (yes, you personally) demonstrably wrong bug you so much? Is it because you are beginning to realize you are wrong and well, you just can't...
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    The corona virus

    "all deaths involving covid" I thought you posted this to refute Patswin, but you obviously did it to bolster his (correct) point. Thank you.
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    The corona virus

    Maybe for you. But for some of us it is. We had a blast for cinco de Mayo last night. I had a little bit of a fat head this morning and a heck of good time last night. Restaurant was electric. Band was very good. Livin' life!
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    The corona virus

    When my kids did that we told them they were being untruthful. Huh.