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  • I just don't care anymore. I think some of them are the stupidest, most dangerous people on earth. It is beyond me how they can still make excuses for any and all things religious or trump related. Just incredible.
    How anyone supports this dangerous shit is beyond me. I'm disgusted, as I know you are. We're entering some seriously dark things here, and I've said for a year and a half now that Erik Prince is at the bottom of everything. And it appears I may be right. He's a very dangerous man.
    The series creator (and creator of LA Law, Allie McBeal, The practice and much more, David E Kelly is an old friend from my Class of 78 at BU law. He (imo) is a true genius blending legal chops with great stories (always of topical interest), with funny, intelligent, believable and idosyncratic characters. Love Denny Crane ( I have mad cow myself, you know). ROFL
    Glad to hear my friend we may not always agree but your one of the good guys. Hug those little ones at least once for me.
    Jiro Dreams ...

    Awesome Doc. See it (from Library) at least once a year and it's time again. The BB of Sushi has this Tiny joint in the Subway ROFL. The incredibly difficult (impossible?) chore of attempting to apprentice to him. The commitment of everything to perfection. The Kid who goes to the market every morning.
    Sorry about that! My computer froze up for a second and when the rep screen finally populated I didn't even realize it was a neg. Doh!
    I don't get it. Why is the GOP allowing this without saying a word? He is getting advice from no one and has given Bannon carte blanche, carrying out everything Bannon says to him? It is so frightening.
    Yeah, my husband and I are deciding where to move. I think I want to live in the Bahamas. I would miss the cultural aspects of Boston and the sports, but I'm so angry and disillusioned with what this country is becoming that it is likely going to shorten my life. I'm as American as pie, but that America isn't here anymore. I never thought I would have to see women questioning their rights again in my lifetime, never thought I would see religion take over our government, never thought I would see blatant racism again (not that it always hasn't been here, but it's been shuttered for awhile), but it's all here and more. Bannon is the most frightening person in America, and nobody gets that he literally built Trump and put the words in his mouth to say. This is Bannon's vision for America, and it's all going to come true. He is a Leninist and wants to tear it all down and build it back up in his image. Truly scary times.
    THAT'S FUNNY!!!! Yeah, it's ugly in that place and pretty much everywhere else on social media. Not that I ever had much of a filter, but whatever thin one I had, it's long gone. I have little tolerance for people, I'm losing sleep, I'm terrified with every single day, and I fear for my family's future. I told my husband that I have been forced to become a bigot against, of all people, bigots. I can't tolerate them, I won't tolerate them, and I have no shame in telling them how I feel. It is what it is.
    No :( his post contained nothing factual at all.

    I hope you're not going to start taking me seriously. ROFL

    If you have found a place where you can be truly happy and raise your family as you wish, I could not be happier for you. All the best.

    Looks like I was wise to stay well away! Bummer to find out that someone you thought was cool is actually . . .
    That'd be a fantastic idea. Anywhere in western/Northern Europe would be wonderful. Southern areas (Italy, Portugal, Spain) aren't quite as progressive.
    I'd be right behind you. It's unfortunate and unsettling. The concept of critical thought doesn't seem to exist in a lot of pockets here in the U.S..
    Holy shit.

    Reading that Brown thread was shocking. I really cannot believe how backwards, un-empathetic (probably get accused of being PC, heh!), and flat-out dumb some folks are.
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