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  • Hey thanks for the kind words AOT, things are progressing well with my injury. Hope things are well with you and yours.
    Happy Birth sday AOT. Too tired to type in all my emotogizmos. Hope it was a great day with family.

    Cheers, :toast:
    Crap - I forgot what post or rep you are referencing with the head appearance.

    Can you elaborate?

    God I'm getting old.
    I think the empirical evidence strongly suggests God wears the flying Elvis. :)
    Glad to hear things are well. Are you in favor of Pitt extending Bell or do you want to see them tag him again?
    Thanks AOT. I appreciate your support and kind words. Christ is everything to me. He is truth. I have spent my whole life trying to know Him more. I can never get enough. You have a blessed Christmas as well!
    I've been a bit of a prick in general recently and the neg. rep was definitely petty of me, so my apologies for that.

    I do find it ironic, however, that you're slapping the asinine snowflake label on me given how obviously worked up you are over negative rep on an online sports forum. So worked up, in fact, that you've chased me around for the better part of 6-7 hours today berating me over the topic. Takes one to know one, I guess.

    My mom's family grew up in California, PA and are diehard Steelers fans so I don't have the same level of disdain for the Steelers that I do for the Jets, Dolphins, and Ravens.

    I'm looking forward to next week's game, it should be a good one. I know a lot of people here are downplaying the Steelers and while I'm confident in the Pats' chances to ultimately prevail, if not next week, in January, I do realize that Pittsburgh has a *really* good team.

    Have a nice evening, man.
    You are welcome. It has been tough sledding on that thread but a good discussion. I am glad you started it. :)
    Thanks, he is. He tripled a 335 on his bench yesterday and is about to pop 500# on his deadlift. He's competing with his boy at Stanford, says he's going to rep out at 225 more than Devery does at the combine. They've got a couple years to get there.
    Yeah. The full-atonement is generally where Christian religions diverge. Many, many sects of Christianity deny the full atoning work of Christ on the cross for the forgiveness of sins. They believe good works and/or sacraments are also part of the process of salvation. Of course the Bible teaches that men are unable to save themselves and that their "righteousness if like filthy rags." But I think men always want to feel a sense of achievement and have a tough time with the gospel message in that regard.
    I am actually enjoying these days with no drama. After the DG saga, it is nice to have some peace. Being the champs help too. I would like to ride this feeling as long as possible. But you know how the media rolls. As soon as TC begins the negativity will flow ...
    Thanks for your rep. I appreciate that. I understand the basics of the Eastern Orthodoxy which holds to the tenets of Catholicism. I don't know a ton about it specifically but it is works-based and denies the full-atonement of Christ on the cross. Baptism is essential as it is in the Catholic church and a working out of one's salvation.
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