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  • Ian was suppose to activate your account last night so you shouldbe good to go. You do need to take your sig staement down and come up with a non-political non-4letter word one.
    I haven't been over there lately. I thought the paranoid one was talking about he who shall be nameless. pm me about his (and your) latest run afoul over there
    Slummin here, huh? Whaddya do to get banned? and purged? Sacrifice a goat in a Masonic alter? Out one of the mods as a Tri Lat member?
    Yeah I do. I use to post over there as #12. Might go over there occasionally, but glad to have you here! :)
    All I can say is that he has been banned completely and all his post and info purged. This was done by Ian, not by me.

    Hope that you understand that I was doing my job over there and I had no other choice. I think you'll be OK in a couple of days over there. I actually here twice. MEPATUT shows up ever once and a while.
    Terry Glenn Is A Cow Girl.

    I used to be a regular at ... maybe you heard of it before.
    Thanks, black and pink are two of my favorite colors. :Lwelcome: What does your username stand for?
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