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  • Just got a new job and haven't had much time to be online. What about you
    That's the biggest made up # I could make up! :tongue:
    Montana is on my short list of Northern states to which I'd love to relocate. It looks beautiful and NON CROWDED.
    Just seeing this. Thanks
    Yeah you know the pornstar Houston.ROFL
    I clicked N times on your request, but it won't "take." Not sure what's going on there.
    Oh I did.LOLOL
    im tempted to post the chicken one..LOL
    i posted something in the WTF thread. it might not stay long though...ROFL
    Your message Box is full.

    By the way happy Labor day...


    Sorry for the late response. Denmark have a lot of nice spots. Depending of course on where you're going :)
    nuclear sub? LOL pinhead I guess? same thing only different lol
    Tongue tornado was a term used in the movie American Pie. It was in that sex bible in the library.
    Thanx bud.:)

    And empty out your pm box plz. :D
    When did you change your name?
    I love that song . Hail to the kings.coming home & nightmare all sick songs
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