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  • Fookin' Eh!, Eh?
    Kinda, but not permanently, I hope. I broke it in June (both bones in lower right leg). Had surgery and had a rod implanted. It's been a bit of a slower recovery than I expected in some ways. I am largely healed, but still a little limpy and such. Hopefully will get back to "normal" eventually. Thanks for caring. :)
    Very kind words. Thank you. :toast:

    hahaha no I havent..and yes it would be a good name!!!!LOL
    Yes. And there's nothing I'd rather do than pimp out pix of my cousin's kid to pervy interwebs strangers. :coffee:
    Its a woman getting a watermelon shot in the face with a superman pic over the sling shot...
    oooh I love to bet, let's make a bet!!
    4-2 to my suprise...and I am enjoying every second of it!!
    Happy birthday!
    speak english please..
    Thanx. I have a pretty wide range of tastes. I'm open to just about everything but rap. My big thing now is melodic metal/rock bands from overseas but my first love was 80's hairbands.
    Are you crazy or something? :p Of course I do. But Werner Von Braun does NOT approve your thread. Get it? Sheesh. ;)
    Ahhhhhhh now I got ya.

    I will not answer any questions about the changes lol I am not a mod and I do not know all the reasons but I respect that they feel they are doing what is best so I am going with that. No big deal really and not all that many changes to be honest LOL
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