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  • Niiiice colors!!! Who you calling old ya lil shit! I am however going to bed for real now :) I am sleepy and have to be up at 6am! night night xo
    Ya think? They do it daily allll day long down there! But ya know what? They work their asses off, they're not bums so why not smoke it up.
    LOL that's all we did down in hollywood too. I don't drink that often up here, but down there I had a drink everyday! I felt like an alcoholic LOL And I did some other things too I don't normally do at home :high: Goodtimes though!
    Yeah when we were driving by your area I was saying I think my friend Katie used to live there. I remember writing to her and I am pretty sure that's the city I put on for her address. I can't remember though. Someone I know lives there or used to! LOL
    I usually go down to hollywood. My cousin's family lives down there. I think my next visit won't be until next April though. I got too many things going on now.

    I don't think I'd ever ass to freeze my ass off instead of having the hot sun baking my skin. I do love snow though :)
    Yeah I am just jealous that you have beach weather down there and I am up here freezin my ass off. Just not right. I always have a good time down there, I'm thinking I'll be visiting more often lol. I see you posted your response on ur page LOLOL I almost did the same thing on mine!
    lol thanks..yeah im way down there its alright here but ive been here for awhile i wouldn't mind a change, ya know?
    Damn why you gotta shoot me! LOL I accepted you LOL I drove by your area when I went to Daytona in Feb :) Looked nice from the highway, wish I was in Florida still :(
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