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    NFL Schedule released today

    I'm glad I'm single! Four night games in a row, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Years day? That's got divorce written all over it!🤣
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    RIP Gino Cappelletti

    Rip, Gino.
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    Patriots Select Marcus Jones (CB) at #85

    Hyenas won't track a lion, they run away from them. A lion tracking a hyena makes a lot more sense. This is a great pick!
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    Rd 1, #29 - Cole Strange, IOL, Chattenooga

    I didn't like this pick at first, but this was a good pick by the Pats. Multiple reports indicate that he wouldn't last 10 more picks. Mac was getting killed last year. I'm sure Strange will be ready to go on day 1. Also, don't teams have a 5th year option on 1st round picks compared to 4 for...
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    Happy Birthday, bmooney54!

    Thank you, everyone!
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    SUPER Wildcard Weekend Game Patriots @ Bills Gamete Thread - Saturday 8:15 PM

    The Pats beat the Steelers in the 2001 playoffs with Bledsoe.
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    Scott Norwood wide, right into Pats Fans nuts

    Mac Jones has never completed more than 3 passes in a game at Buffalo. Not even once! This game will be 30 degrees colder than Jones has ever played in. Our already deflated balls will be nearly flat due to PV=NrT. No way Jones can throw a spiral with a nearly flat football. Harry can't catch a...
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    And.......Breathe.....Barmore is OK

    Good news. Hopefully he can play on Saturday.
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    SUPER Wildcard Weekend Game Patriots @ Bills Gamete Thread - Saturday 8:15 PM

    Obviously, I hope they win. Hope in one hand and piss in the other and see which one fills up first.
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    The NFL Draft, 2022

    Who do you think the Pats will take at number 32?
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    Mark Henderson is not walking through that door

    Tua reminds Mac he is nothing but a backup QB. The Dolphins have beaten the Texans, Ravens, Panthers and Jets at home. All those teams are eliminated from the playoffs. Notice a trend? I do. Mac Jones has never beaten the Dolphins in his entire career. Not once! It ain't gonna happen on Sunday...
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    Looking at the Patriots - 2021

    Like that scene from Spartacus. I am the splinter! No, I'm the splinter!...