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  • Things are going alright. Could be better mind you, but life here is pretty outstanding and the family is loving it. Little girl is getting really good at tennis and wants to play all the time, so she takes after her dad, while the little dude is getting very good at swimming. He swam his first race the other day and came second, so that is exciting. How are you and Lori?
    Hi Tim - Thanks for checking in. I've pretty much exited this place. It's extremely toxic and bad for my health. I actually posted today in the male/female thread, but now I kind of wish that I hadn't. I hope all is well with you and yours. I thought I would be retiring this year, but work is busier than ever. There's a huge shortage in my field here in the Commonwealth, so I'm actually working more now than ever in my career! Anyway, appreciate the thoughts and, as always, you're one of my faces! -Lisa
    Your freedom is being usurped by not being permitted to buy a puppy that was born in Auschwitz?
    Crescent Ridge Dairy in Sharon, Tim. They have THE best whole milk, ice cream and eggnog. And they deliver!!!! Everything is in glass bottles, which the delivery service will pick up when emptied. Love this place!
    I'm not a big movie person. Way to much drama in my real world lol. But I'm sure it was a great movie. Really hope all is well with your health. My little cancer survivor is done to once a year visits if all looks good next week. Lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving I hope for you and your also. Us old folk need to look out for each other lol.
    It is a fantastic show, because it is, on one hand, so fantastical and on the other hand it's pretty down to earth. Plus whoever did the casting deserves a medal. Pretty much every actor just has chemistry with everyone else.
    Tired too. The forum was making me angry all the time and my wife suggested I take a break. I went back and read some of what I posted and my tone was terrible, I was being mean and often condescending; almost a male version of PFL. That sucked to realize.

    I will go back for sure. That said, I intend to be a lot more careful about the threads I comment on and what I say. I don't like aloyouis very much after reading it. Let's see if I can pull it off.

    Perfect timing given the football season is almost upon us.
    Haven't gotten any feedback from the fan base yet, but Evan always has his finger on the pulse. You know I'll have plenty to share.
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