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  • Yes, he is a cool poster. I like him too. I wish we had more Steelers posters around here.
    It is just from Reddit. Someone there made the images of the posts to tell the story. The original thread was probably 10s of thousands of posts.
    Yeah, it's incredible. You want to make sushi, you say? Alright, well, go stir the rice first for 15 years. Then -maybe- we'll talk about it, hahaha.

    I put in some more suggestions in the thread. There's quite a few, but if you want any extra details just hit me up :)
    Thought I'd mention a recommendation here for a documentary that I have always enjoyed immensely. It's called Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

    If you want other recommendations for things on either service, let me know. I've spent a decent amount of pain-induced insomnia time watching more or less everything there is.
    So glad to hear my friend lol. Can't wait for tomorrow the kids and I will be hanging out and cooking. Recap is always the hardest glad your getting through it like a champ
    Well I know I haven't been on the planet much but I never knew you were going through all this bypass stuff. Glad you made it okay. My dad had triple bypass when he was 69 and now he's going to be 80 in April he's doing pretty good. Best of luck to you my friend glad you're okay.
    Cheers, my friend.
    I like it better here and it's a stone's throw away from Florence. I am truly concerned for the direction of the country-- I don't know if you've seen the film Idiocracy, but I think that's more or less the way things are headed.
    I don't jeer at rural America, but feel, honestly, that intellectualism has become a negative in today's America. And that's a damned shame.
    Thanks for the b day wishes! I'm in and out of the forum but I'm back to work 4-4 and that's why I've had a bit of time on my hands thanks for noticing..
    I was just finishing my sequence and passed you like ships in the night. He's been driving me nuts maybe even more than the agitators we have on the football forum.

    Back to what's his name. The hilarious thing is hardly anyone ever responds to the stuff.

    Sorry I didn't see your note sooner, BT. I don't check in very often. Anyway I am enjoying myself these days. I live on roughly 70 acres & raise quarter horses so now I have plenty on time to ride. I don't if there is anything more peaceful than getting on a horse watching nature. I'm a pretty simple man I suppose. My youngest daughter (14) competes in barrel racing & while she is fearless my stomach is in a knot when I watch her. My other daughter is 19 & is a special needs kid so the wife & I have a day when all the kids from her school come over ride, swim, etc. They have a blast. I love working in my fairly good sized veggie garden. I recently started restoring old farm tractors. So to answer your question, I am enjoying retirement. I keep busy but without the pressure of a deadline.

    Best to you & yours,
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