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  • ok. Just that you didn't post after that...glad you are good!
    Hi there! I hope I didnt get you mad the other day...
    Dam I thought my George Boooosh disguise would conceal me..LOL
    Well that particular post from opt was like reading Steve-o. It was one long appeal to authority with a straw man thrown in for good measure.
    Internationalist-speak versus plain American-speak.
    I'm not po'd. I just think we're speaking different languages.
    Well, you can't be blamed if he tricked you. Although I'd hope that satan worshiping socialists aren't your cup of tea. After all, I'm a god fearing libertarian!
    Dating socialists? Blasphemy! :)
    He's just trying to make himself feel better. He's worried, and doesn't want to show it.

    Besides, I steal from my employer on a daily basis here. I'm at work right now! :)
    You're bad! I suppose I set myself up
    with that one though. You capitalized on my mistake. I love it...
    GIC has just been DEAD lately. Besides, I had to come see what everyone had to say about the Moss trade.

    To be truthful, I wasn't getting my fill of BL12 over at GIC. Plus, I get to see your beautiful mug on every post. You little minx!!!
    I know he's a cop, but thanks. I posted the article to drum up conversation, but I was expecting hysterical protestations that typically accompany suggestions that we not adhere to the status quo.
    for some reason the austrian brings you to mind
    Oh, I do get pissed. I just don't get offended.
    Maybe you have some privacy settings set or something. You should know by now I don't get offended.
    Ahh, well. It doesn't let me post on your profile. It will only let me reply in this conversation page or whatever.
    Wha? Did you turn off visitor messages or something?
    lol no thats me being stuuupid...:p
    because my nuts hurt..LOL I did give you positive rep right?
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