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  • Just dropping by to say hi!! I hope you are doing well Tom Tom :)
    Nice. T-R-A-P
    Hey - Lance told me to tell you this:
    oh if you post there today tell BsB to change his facebook password and shove his "free ipads" up his ass lol

    He said you got hacked....
    Move into new apartment today; comcast is not able to comeout until friday from 12-4 :(
    ill hit you up when im all set up in a week or 2
    hey your going to have to skip me for a few weeks; moving to a new apartment not sure when I am going to get the comcast assholes out
    Happy T-day, Tom!!!!
    nah only 2 red lights; i have the older model; the power supply gets too damn hot and it cant keep itself cool. Also I have to beat the side of it so it reads disc; was trying to hold off on getting a new one until after las vegas
    my shit just overheated ****!
    Whoever losses must change their sig to "I banged BradysBunch" :D
    Alright cool, not sure how much Ill be on tonight
    Ahh my bad I meant to send you a message last night; do I need to have a create a pro made as a left winger beforehand?
    :) I love getting to meet people because then you can read their posts on here better when you have met them if you know what I mean?:)
    I really am so looking forward to meeting you all! :)
    They probably will after free agency lol
    What should be offensive to you is the ass kicking Im going to give you in hockey next time I see you on it
    No thats philly
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