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  • I sure hope we're right on this. I'm concerned that Brady's agent/attorney has been making the rounds pleading his case. If there was a deal in place, he would be waiting until after punishment is handed down to speak, wouldn't you think?
    Re: Deflate gate article author. Sorry. Don't know who he is really. Name's SHANE MCLENDON @commercetigers writing for Don't really know who they are either). According to website, he's also a big UFC fan. Cheers
    Small note. His combined regular season and playoff record is 166 & 51, 115 over .500 (7x16=112.)
    I just got tired of listening to all the Brady declining, not the same, showing his age, blah blah blah stuff, when nobody was blaming the O line for his subpar play. He's still better than every other QB out there.
    Thanks for the Boston Harold BEER link, now I need to find out if my packy carries Alchemist Beer brands
    The preliminary eval says he's recovered quite well. It's just a matter of getting into football shape now. This will be a done deal, and a very good one.
    I thought Gregory was a decent safety. I don't get why everyone hated him so much. I mean, he blew some plays, but who doesn't?
    in a way he is, but that may end soon as the push is on, either they move to a new place or they get walked in on.
    I do read your posts. I often agree, but even when I don't, which happens at times, I have respect for how much work you do and how much you care about the Pats and the draft. I don't know how much feedback you get, but I would think that a large majority of folks feel the same way. No, not Midgar, but that's probably a good sign.

    I noticed that you said you weren't going to analyze the WRs this year or something to that effect and while I enjoyed reading them last year a lot, I wondered if all that work was worth it to you. I still dig the draft, but I put less work into it now because there are just too damn many variables and I found that it seemed futile. Now, I just dabble and try to be familiar with the top 100 or so and am generally OK with being less informed than I once was.

    Whatever you decide is cool with me, but I don't want you to get burned out over the whole thing.
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