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  • Hi Chevss454. I can get on a phone call with you if you would like. I use paypal so that there is protection as well.

    Let me know what would best help.

    949 290 5983
    I can`t remenber, lol, because generally I liked very much all your post, you and MaineMan are my favourite posters.
    That's a tough nut to swallow if it's true, Chev. Seems excessive. It would never happen here. No priors, suspended sentence, no time served.
    I'm going to try to sacrifice myself and get middy posting in the Tebow thread to hopefully free up other discussions.
    I was gonna say yeah he does, but he's ok. But he just pissed me off so I'll hold that thought for a while. ROFL

    Let me ask you a question, Chev. Do teams have to spend all their salary cap money?
    For some reason I thought I read that under the new CBA that teams have to spend up to the cap. Not sure how it works but I know you do.
    Thank you so much!!! He's doing a little better this am and I have been looking at sites for info as well. That one you suggested had some good info. My vet told me last night she wanted to do an ultrasound (is that an echocardiogram?) and I think those sites I looked at said that is a way of seeing what type he has. He was in too bad of straits last night for her to do it though. I really appreciate your time and sharing your expertise! :)
    That happened in a game late last season when Bennie was left uncovered for a quick throw and pick-up in the red zone.
    Get Middy to see the light? I'm just a regular human being with zero magical powers. Middy is going to be Middy regardless of how many electrons are wasted to try to help him see the blindingly obvious. It is what it is.
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