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  • Can't find any other link in regard to Kiwi,Hopefully the tweet I posted is wrong and there's still a chance for us !
    I like you. You are the only person who didn't attack one of my first posts, which werent bad, im not a good communicater.

    I hope your life always kicks ass!
    Thanks about the snowglobe pic I made :) And you're right, I think it would make a great avy for me, but I don't think I'm ready to give up the yard gnome yet... wuv :D
    Not judging total strangers based on media blather? What a concept! Could not agree more with your assessment. Lucky for The Enquirer, most people disagree with us! Why, 90% of grocery store-going America is best friends with 3/4's of the celebs out there and know their inner workings! LOL
    The ignore feature has many happy uses! I placed JD#### there years ago and it has made my posting experiences on this Board much better! Why suffer fools willingly? BTW - my fawns are happy, healthy and all grown up. Thx again for your assistance.
    Just wanted to stop by and give you and Mayo some props for all your hard work with all the threads you guys do. I may not agree with some of it but it's pretty discussion/thought provoking stuff you guys post. Keep up the good work!
    Yeah I can't remember what the 454 option dynoed at...but ours (351 Windsor bored to 396) dynoed at 485. It's fun. However, the insurance we have has a clause forbidding racing or even putting it on any track and driving it. Oh well. I'll take a slightly smaller engine to increase the handling etc.
    Ours is yellow with black stripes. Put it next to yours and it's ketchup & mustard..LOL
    That's cool that you know the history of it. Bet it's a blast to drive! Is it auto or standard? We have a 1967 Cobra 427 replica and thought about getting the 454 put in it but it makes the car too hard to handle because of the weight of it vs. the engine.
    Chevss, I noticed that you said you are a vet. Were did you go to school? The reason I ask is because Ohio State is a good vet school. It seems like every vet I know ( I raise horses, cows & a few pigs) went to either OSU or Texas A&M.
    Really looking forward to it myself this year, as pretty much every year! I try not to get TOO geared up, though, as crappy things (such as 1st qtr loss of franchise QB) too often crop up and good-looking prospects don't pan out. My personal fave was Jackie Slater's boy Matthew last year and so far, not so great. But GO PATS this year, as ever!
    No older than I am, chevss! (or at least not by more than a year or two). Have SO enjoyed having you around here bringing actual knowledgeable football talk, which is why I showed up in the first place. Not looking for a boyfriend, cheese recipes or political discussions, so posters like yourself who are LIKE-MINDED are a joy to find! (My mother was an English professor, so that's my excuse - lol)
    If I haven't said so already, huge welcome to the Planet. Your posts are informative, literate and GRAMMATICAL (!). Your appearance here has added immensely to great football discussion. Looking forward to reading your further comments as the season commences.
    Crumpler might be,what we've been missing from the TE position. I don't really think it but will gladly be wrong (for once) ;) Welcome
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