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  • Hey there! How are you?
    Hows it going lady.:)
    Same to you! Stay safe!
    How are you, chica?
    think of all the people who read that and are like WTF? is going on here...crazy? no a loon? maybe
    A deal we have to make ... You can never ever say sorry!!! we just were not meant to be... We can't fool ourselves and drag on this relationship any longer... Yes it hurt when you ended it but I can't make you love me... I can dream and long for that but maybe someday we can start over...
    check out the word thread...ROFL
    Its ok to peak..If your good I might let you grab it,but gently...
    Call me confused..:coffee:
    <dl class="smallfont list_no_decoration profilefield_list"><dt class="shade">Date of Birth</dt><dd>May 24 </dd></dl>
    Happy Birthday
    I see you looking at my ass..:coffee:
    Every Rose has one... :coffee:
    you love me?
    Trust me I could handle you just fine babe...:coffee:
    Oopsie ROFL
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