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  • George was (one of) my father's older brothers. He grew up and was a cop in Leominster. Unfortunately he died of multiple sclerosis.
    Keep your eye on the 9'ers. They're shaping up into something of a rival. Lots of buzz out thisaway and with good reason. Circle coming around again for SF? . . .
    Tried to give you + rep for plain speaking in your entry about Tatum, but fumble fingered and somehow sent before done. Anyway, I could not agree more with your comments and applaud your courage for your candor.
    He already started a thread about crying/not crying when he did the "I'm pissed and leaving" thread.

    Hello to a fellow "mega." Never achieved "sigma" myself. [Think he'd identify "magma" cum laude??] ROFL
    I don't recall ever neg repping you...considering the last and only person I've neg repped was MarylandSteel. I'm concerned now because I DO remember + repping some of your posts. I lurk and only give out + rep (except MS). I just found a post of yours and + repped it. Can you do me a favor and let me know how that comes up? If something is getting mixed up somehow ( I can't imagine doing it wrong considering it's pretty obvious...) I need to alert the mods of it. I don't want to unknowingly go around giving out neg. rep when I'm meaning for it to be + rep. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Sorry for the apparent confusion.
    Cleats, I did cadmonkey's crockpot pulled pork & it turned out pissah but I will look to do your oven version next time so that it turns out "dry" (not sitting in juices like a stew)....I meant to add the dry mustard you mentioned you use into cad's rub mix but forgot :(

    thanks again for responding in the thread :thumb:
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