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    Omg!!!! Brady is declining!!!

    Shut up loser.
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    Omg!!!! Brady is declining!!!

    that is a crappy Steelers team. It was a good win but nothing to think they're the offense of old. That Steelers team is horrible.
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    What should te pats do when Hernedez is found not guilty?

    He can become Izzo=Great babysitter for his kids since Michael Jackson died and left him without a babysitter. I hear OJ is free to date his sister too. ;)
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    Random Jets Stuff Thread

    Wow, this thread has taken a turn. Is this where you go when you're frustrated with your life? Please change the title to "Punch a Jets fan for fun" I haven't read where it turned but these guys have seemed to be okay in the past.
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    Would BB trade Brady right now if

    Better than you got for Manning.
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    Would BB trade Brady right now if

    I'm sure the Colts will be hanging a banner in honor of beating Manning in the regular season. It can say "most wins against Peyton Manning in the regular season by a consistently under-achieving franchise". ;)
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    Pro Bowl Changes

    Reminds me of "Battle of the Stars" tv show they had in the 80s. It's just an excuse to go to Hawaii.
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    Broncos Colts War of 1812

    Brady already owns a Manning and a Luck skin. The Luck skin only fetched 12.99 on e-bay though so it's not worth too much.ROFL
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    With week 7 completed, have you jumped off the bandwagon?

    Never been on the bandwagon. I have my own high horse. ;)
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    Broncos Colts War of 1812

    This must put a crimp in the media fan boys who were saying no one would beat the Broncos this year.
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    Would BB trade Brady right now if

    I don't know about BB but after my son's royal F up last week, I might trade him for a bag of donuts... old and stale would be fine ;)
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    First time ever...

    Bingo... If you don't want to leave things to a blown call, make sure you're not in that position or you get what you get.
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    Would BB trade Brady right now if

    Of course he would trade him if the deal were right. That being said, there's nothing Brady's done to warrant seeking a trade. It's going to be a year of ups and downs. He has rookie receivers and no matter how badly people want these rookies to step up and be super stars, it won't happen...
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    PBS Frontline: League of Denial (brain injuries)

    Eliminating helmet to helmet contact won't eliminate helmet to helmet contact as strange as that sounds. Some of the worst shots I've taken were when I had good form during a tackle and someone else hit me as they hit the ball carrier to assist the tackle. There are many collisions that aren't...
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    The official "**** Bill Polian" thread

    What always sees to go right over the heads of people is the fact that you really don't hear BB bad-mouth people. He might be a poor loser and might mutter as he walks off the field but you don't hear him really go after anyone yet everyone calls him classless. Just a personal anecdote. I...