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  • Big cats remind me that life remains worthwhile. I'll take you up on that offer to visit them at that fabulous sanctuary if I'm ever thataway!
    Not too concerned with your windshield bud. Troubles with your steering column and such are a safety concern though IMO.
    You go to Maryland Church in Terre Haute. We just moved to TH, might want to hook up for some Colts viewing. Send a message if you'd like like to catch a game at beef o brady's or somewhere else
    You don't want fisher,you don't need fisher.
    Caldwell,Caldwell He's your man If he can't do It.....Better for the Pats....

    Nothing against Caldwell but Fisher would be a big upgrade... My Opinion...If Poulin will give him some control ?
    Just wanted to wish you and your team luck on Sunday. Any other team but the Saints and I would root for the Colts just so you guys are happy...but the Saints are hard to root against being their 1st SB, likeable players and what happened to that city a few years ago. Anyways, good luck and have a fun week!
    Good luck in the SB bro I will be rooting for your Colts.

    Also good luck with the home buying. I saw the pics you posted & I hope it works out for you.
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