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  • Oh, I thought you meant the tags. Yeah, he had a streak of attendance from 1991 until last year. It was quite impressive. He missed his first game in 19 years last year.
    Thanks for the comments. I might replace those when we get the pics from the photographer, or just add more. The ones that are there now are just one's taken by my wife's aunt.

    Love that profile pic, by the way.:jester:
    Guy at the place I was working shattered the one urinal buffer rule today. I mean, WTF. There are 7 urinals here, I'm in the 2nd to last one, and you come in and take the one next to me? I was so annoyed I didn't even want to check to see if he was meatgazing.

    Probably was. Bastard.

    Just noticed that our birthdays are two days apart. Mine is March 4. My cousin's is March 2.

    Yep. I dug the hole & got things ready when I got home tonight. Less work I have to do Sunday the better. Busy weekend. I have to plant my garden Saturday. The weather looks like it will be in the 80's & sunny & that's outstanding for this time of the year in northeast Ohio. In Cali you probably planted already, no?
    I'm killing a pig this weekend for a party. She is a young & should be yummy. Cookout, & PBR. I better lock up the guns.
    Gotcha. I thought maybe I misunderstood your comment. Thankfully. Your Seinfeld credibility has been saved.
    I should neg-rep you. Those aren't Costanza-isms. That's Bania. (Unless you mean you rep 2 times for Costanza-isms...I'll give you that out.)
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