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  • Appreciate your words of support. From the looks of recent comments on your page, others have also finally reached the end and chosen to stop making themselves available for abuse.
    I can't go back in there. It's extremely depressing. You can't even have a discussion without that person telling everyone that speaks off. I personally don't care who does or doesn't like me. I've never been one to try to win friends and influence people, but every time I go to read something in there, he's trashing everyone. No thanks. I'll have four years of Twitter to read our head of state trashing everyone. I don't need to read some sycophantic nobody doing it in here.
    Saw your tag line under your username. I left the GOP too, in 2003. Was a long time registered Republican before that.
    to bad you got rid of your comment which i replied to, it was a good one dear
    Thanks BD :) Difference is I know and understand people have different opinions and know when to cut it short. Then I put that in the don't talk about that with this friend list LOLOL
    Wealth = received. Thank ya. I had a good feeling about Virginia, all along. North Carolina could surprise me, if he holds on there.
    Jim_vh is the textbook definition of "mental midget". He's got some serious issues, no doubt about that.
    I know that post on Bush not being right wing sounded harsh. I didn't mean it against you...it was more against the left saying that all the time. So apologies.
    Thanks for the rep! Hell, I don't even really know (or care) what a neocon is. From what I can gather, it's anyone who disagrees with a liberal. Not sure. :shrug:
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