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  • Yeah I was saying, that it was not the D's fault.
    Once you decide you don't believe everything, you will believe anything.
    Appreciate your words of support. From the looks of recent comments on your page, others have also finally reached the end and chosen to stop making themselves available for abuse.
    I can't go back in there. It's extremely depressing. You can't even have a discussion without that person telling everyone that speaks off. I personally don't care who does or doesn't like me. I've never been one to try to win friends and influence people, but every time I go to read something in there, he's trashing everyone. No thanks. I'll have four years of Twitter to read our head of state trashing everyone. I don't need to read some sycophantic nobody doing it in here.
    Saw your tag line under your username. I left the GOP too, in 2003. Was a long time registered Republican before that.
    Gee thanks. You really know how to make a noob feel welcome. :)
    Yeah, needed something from the film thanks to the recent discussion of it. :D
    to bad you got rid of your comment which i replied to, it was a good one dear
    Thanks BD :) Difference is I know and understand people have different opinions and know when to cut it short. Then I put that in the don't talk about that with this friend list LOLOL
    puts me over the board limit or else I would ;)
    Wealth = received. Thank ya. I had a good feeling about Virginia, all along. North Carolina could surprise me, if he holds on there.
    Jim_vh is the textbook definition of "mental midget". He's got some serious issues, no doubt about that.
    I know that post on Bush not being right wing sounded harsh. I didn't mean it against you...it was more against the left saying that all the time. So apologies.
    Shhhhhh.....Annihilus doesn't want to offend anyone :thumb:
    Nefarious Neocon Nabobs?? LMAO!! Oh man.:)
    Thanks for the rep! Hell, I don't even really know (or care) what a neocon is. From what I can gather, it's anyone who disagrees with a liberal. Not sure. :shrug:
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