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  • Guess I have to call you Snoop instead of pig now ;)
    I should really check in more than once every few years!
    All the best to you and yours!
    Funny thing is Dman keeps calling me childish but he has no way enabled for me to respond to him privately. His PMs and user messages disabled. So he just sends me berating "rep" comments. He's just as odious in chat. ROFL
    Just saw your dad on TV...looked good (lol). BTW, congrats to him on the Grid Iron honor a while back.
    I don't know that cop. Did he grow up in town?

    Is there going to be a draft contest? We could all guess Patriots draft selections and see if any of us get any right.

    Can you cancel all of the Lightning tourney games in the Tournament section of the Arcade. I posted the wrong game.
    If, you had walked through some neighborhoods, you would have been fine in mine. Only it's not Orlando.
    Hey dchester,

    I saw that you moved a post of mine to the "This doesn't belong in the football forum" thread. I was trying to find it since I was going to delete it, but I couldn't find it. It was fun and cathartic to write, but was a bit over the top after thinking about it. (Sung to the tune of "Happy Birthday" by the way). Please go ahead and delete it for me. Thanx!
    Apologies. Sometimes I let go what I find irritating. Other times it's clear there are better men than I and I can't keep the damn trapper shut in comparison to them.
    Fretriori joined 12/09, 4 posts, Helen G joined 9/11, 2 Posts & hijk7589 joined 12/09, 3 posts all show up in the same thread. All landing in the same, remote thread 2 years out?? Odds? Prohibitive - they're all one and the same.
    Hey Dchester..if you or the other mods are online could you please get rid of the thread I posted about being served? Box of Rocks is right..it might be a bad idea to have it up. THanks for all you do..
    No -seriously - this fool was all over my Law Offices for 11 business days - He wore white shirts w/nasty soiled collars, dirty shoes and had a Richard Nixon six-o'clock shadow. Clients would come and go and say WTF. When he finally finished ruining my life, he apologized, told me I'ld overpaid and gave me back 9K.

    You know what I love? I when I say something that might in some way be considered racist/ign'ant, reference you for cover, and get rep from you for the funny but no cover fire in-thread. LOVE THAT. ROFL
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