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  • They know about the inaccuracies of the gauges already. It will come out through the appeal or during a trial.
    Thanks Deec!
    Hey, I was just looking through some old rep comments and saw where you hoped I got that out of town job. I did. I love it. Miss some things about the old place, but I am doing okay out in the boondocks. :)
    Thanks I do understand the whole religious aspect and concerns point of view. You can blow up at anytime girlfriend.
    In response to your rep comment...no worries at all. I was wondering when someone was going to start a thread on it and knew it was going to be explosive. I'm trying to comment as little as possible, but I may blow at some point. ;)
    Just saw your posts....I have no words other than I'm so, so sorry and you're in my thoughts xoxo
    No problem sweetie. I wish him well.
    Thanks for your kind advice. I'm praying for his mom.
    My son's served in the military and my SIL still is serving so unfortunately i know more about guns then i'd like.
    Nice to see someone with gun knowledge and not just gun knowledge from the media.
    Sure I just cleaned the damn thing too LOL
    sorry, girl. Sometimes I just can't help myself. Now go wipe off your screen. ROFL
    I must say, even I laughed at myself with that theme song.
    Most times she really doesn't bother me with her antics but this time she rubbed me the wrong way. It did feel good though Lol
    I know what got into you! Sometimes you just get sick and tired of the bullshit and speak your mind. Don't hold back, girl!!! It feels good!
    Seriously thanks!! Lily will get over it really. LOL
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