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  • it's ok D...I am just as bad, never have time for anything it seems...I will be looking for that sorry about your pats, I was in at you soon!! xoxoxo
    Thanks D...but as you know, we lost...and lost badly, but got farther then I would of dreamed this year.......miss talking to you!!
    I checked it out from the link in the rep note, no worries with borrowing my stuff if it helps you have a good discussion. :thumb:
    Hi Denis, nice to hear from you! all healths are fine.... mental healths -- different story :D

    any times I see news articles about The Olde Sod I think of thee & thine and hope ALL is fine :thumb:
    Hey Den - things are good! How are you and the family? Football tomorrow!!
    thanks D.....glad you had a great time.....send me pictures and keep in touch.....xoxoxoxo
    I'm not online much anymore either...too many other things to do....glad the family is great....austin turns 9 in august...heading out for vacation soon......Happy 4th of July, I'll shoot the fireworks for :p
    Happy Birthday's the baby......hope your day was grand....kisses and hugs to you all.....
    Yes, enjoyed some vacation time last week! Glad to hear all is well! Your son will continue to be a handful for a while, I'm sure :)
    Hi Den - thanks and I hope you & your family had a great Christmas and have a great new year! You little boy must be getting big now!
    Thank you and may and your have a belated Merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year!!
    it was great D.....a little loud but great......hope your Chrismtas was wonderful...what did the little one get from santa????
    TYVM ya Mick-bastid ya & a belated Merry Christmas to ya & yars but a premature-emissioned Happy New Year, me boyo :D
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