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  • what's funny is I thought I remembered hearing about the Delirium Tremens from babalu which is why I went looking for it to toast him by....how could I have forgotten the referral coming from someone batshit cray-zappy-ier than myself :shrug: ROFL
    Oops, I'm not leaving, I was kidding. It's what I do. Although perhaps not very well sometimes, apparently! :D
    I agree :) Even if I lived in a box (which we are *thisclose* too! O noez!) I would still be happy. Actually, we'd probably just live in a tent at the river :)
    Sounds like you got quite the winter planned :) I have never been skiing before :shrug: I'd probably end up on my ass the majority of the time LOL I have terrible balance and I am clumsy :) Although it might be fun trying lol. Gives ya something physical to do during the winter anyway right?

    Well atleast it's the SB so it will be televised no matter where you go :) I am working a couple of jobs right now and I am trying to workout as much as I can so that I can drop down a bit for my brother's wedding next year. I tend to gain in the winter because of all the beer drinking dip and kielbasa eating that I do on game day!! A planet ski trip would be fun. I could have all of you there to laugh at me :)
    Hiiii DKM!!! I am having a decent summer yes :) I am kinda sad that it's almost over though :( How about you?
    You and the JR in bachelor mode?!?! I smell trouble LOL Can I join? LOL jk Whatever you do stay safe :)
    Your page needs a lil somethin on it. Here's sum TBL luvin and thanks for that story that still makes me laugh
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