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  • I'm real happy with it with one minor issue.

    I found a guy that had extra natural stone on his property and I dug out what I needed and did a large all-stone circular pit on a 14foot circle of gravel. I did a lot of research and found a place that did stainless-steel spark screens and they made me a 36-incher that is much better than the cheapo chinese ones that rust and rot in two years. That cost me about a hundred extra bucks, but the stone was cheap and allowed me to go without a fire ring.

    One minor issue is that my wife insisted it needed to be taller, so I rebuilt it to shut her up. Now it might be a little too tall and it carries the heat higher than optimum. I might wait until spring to take it down a few inches, but I had the boys over for beers wednesday and we had a nice fire going all night to go along with hardcore football talk.

    Thanks for your advice. It was helpful and I'm damn glad I didn't go with the cast kits at Lowes.
    Roger that, thank you. I'm going to start hitting landcape supply places and look for a pallet of natural stone to work with. I like the looks better, it's fireproof, it'll naturally have draft holes for a cleaner burn and I won't have to buy a liner. It'll flow with frost heaves and I can make it whatever size I want.
    It seems like a real conundrum to me and I still can't find exactly what I want. I'm worried about air flow, because you're supposed to fill right up to the bottom of the ring with gravel and to protect the cast stone. I'm still undecided. I might just pull an old rock wall apart and use a sledgehammer to try and shape the stones to make a decent circle. It's driving me crazy and I'm not sure if I want to spend 300 bucks to have a 14" deep 36" fire ring shipped although it seems like much better quality than the 6 to 8" ones I've been seeing. Then I get to spend another two bills for cast stone. Gah. I'll figure it out, but there is a lot more to it than I thought. Sounds like you know a bit about the topic.
    I've been doing my homework. Looking for the best heavy and large enough iron fire ring I can find. Expensive, but I'll thank myself in two years when the stones don't crumble. The Lowes 200 buck kits don't pass muster. You can't do this for less than 500 bucks if you want a real stone pit that'll last for 10 years is what I'm finding out, but thanks for the tip.
    He's worse than M. Never, ever lightens up and ALWAYS makes statements that have no basis in fact whatsoever, rampant speculation, and repeats his arguments over and over and over again. Annoying as shit.
    New England's 3 Superbowls having an asterisk factor = FU

    Come on, man. Didn't you guys do your times tables back in school? :)
    Just playin' with words, as usual.. I'm actually an old Canobie Lake hack. Grew up in Gloucester and went there often (And the long defunct Benson's Wild Animal Farm - a shorty trip away in Hudson). The ol' Yankee cannonball was my first Roller-coaster. Docs have told me I shouldn't do coasters anymore, but one last disobedient trip on her (from the front row) is high on my bucket list.

    Thanks for the tips. I loved Dragon Tattoo and might consider some of the others. The foreign aspect makes it more interesting, I think.

    Guitar, huh?

    I play a bit. I'm self-taught, but probably intermediate in my abilities meaning I can play most chords and pick out most anything other than shredding. I'd be more than happy to offer advice that may make things easier for you, but finding somebody that is music savvy for lessons is always your best hope to do something good.

    Do you own a guitar yet? What kind of stuff would you like to be able to do? What inspires you to try?

    Yesterday I was screwing around with tablature to a Jeff Buckley song I like called "Eternal Life". I learned that I'm not Jeff Buckley, nor is anybody else, but it was actually better than I expected.
    Hey. Just a quick message to thank you for the tip. I just finished Child 44 based on your recommendation and I was engrossed by it. I did not see the end coming although one the tumblers fell into place I felt like I should have paid more attention to the opening chapter. The name change from Pavel to Leo threw me, I suppose, but the snare on the ankle should have been a dead giveaway, so to speak.

    If you like novels set in cold war Russia and haven't already had the pleasure then I highly recommend The Charm School by Nelson DeMille. Them russkies were crazy and I couldn't put that book down.

    Thanks again!
    Man child? Funny we were all talking football and you had to start playing your 5 year olds games....Just because you get proven wrong and stupid, does not mean you then have to lash out because your argument is failing. So call me whatever you like, people always act a bit tougher on the other side of a computer screen.
    Yeah, I don't quite see why Jerod was worth the mega-contract he received this season. We can point at the safeties and youth at LB around him, but plays like that should be expected from a good ILB, and had nothing at all to do with picking up the slack for anyone else.
    Steering column isn't an issue, there is a "clock spring" inside the column, the only thing it controls is the air bags....
    I actually do want to get the windshield replaced, but the 100 dollars to fix it has to go to other bills right now.
    I love the sleeve! Get yer tail in the Draft Party thread and weigh in on a place so you can come this year :)
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