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  • BC had a very good class and have a potential stud QB in Chase Rettig from California. He'll probalby contend for the starting job right away. BC should be very good this year, we'll see.
    How did BC do in the recruiting wars? Last years class showed some real promise. The ACC is going to be very strong this season but I think you have a good as shot at it as any team.
    This Luke Kuechly kid is going to be a monster. True freshman throwing 5 star FSU OLineman around like rag dolls. It'll be great to see him and Herzlich on the field at the same time next year (God willing). This BC team should stay together for the next three years at least.
    EBF, I didn't really know how young BC was until you posted that info. Thank you.... Looks like BC, Miami & maybe UNC are going to battle it out in the ACC for the next few years. All are fairly young talented programs right now.
    hey EBF, iz the Sagamore Bridge going to be wide open/no repair lanes for Columbus Day wkend? I don't want to be sittin in shit traffic comin' off Cape on Saturday afternoon w/ a nice buzz goin' :)
    tell you what asspipe. If you have the balls, I'll be happy to buy you a plane ticket to Baltimore so that we discuss this mano a mano. Of course, being the liberal pussy that you are, you'll decline. Fuken scumbag mortgage broker. No wonder you love the Democrats, you probasbly made a killing selling those shitty mortgages.
    Oh, and I'm not a Republican, you dumb fuk. Once again, you show your insane, blind ignorance.
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