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  • You win, I lose :(
    I didn't see the album. Awesome pictures!

    And what's this about "she"? It's "them." ;) (2 in school, 1 in Pre-K, and the baby)
    How are the new kiddos? How about the old kiddos?
    Did I miss the story of the babies?
    Flagg..the message was forwarded to Jesse Kelly this morning so things are in motion if need be.
    Hey Flagg, we're all thinking about you
    That is so damn weird.
    Trust me Flagg Brian Kelly will turn ND around. It will take him a year or two but he will get it done.
    The asshair will never go away. On a positive note, know that I am at least trying to hold back on jokes most of the time :thumb: ROFL
    What do you mean about Pick Six?
    I'm only at the point to where Sasha talks to the older son about napkin use. I like it so far. I always wondered what your name was about, I almost exclaimed "Eureka!!" when I saw it at the bottom of page 1. ROFL
    Eyes of the Dragon. Funny, I had no clue.
    So, Flagg. I am reading this Stephen King book that has a dood named Flagg in it. :spock:
    Triple Ought Buck on dat ass!!!
    Wait. I am your spouse now? Because I think I may or may not be babalu's internet wife. I'm not sure we ever annulled our marriage from a couple of years back :huh:
    Only if the Pope changes his mind about it ;)
    I wanted to rep you so hard the other day, but I had none. So there. Also, I don't want your pity rep. :harumph:
    Poetry, huh? :D
    Thank you. Your family's prayers mean the world right now.

    God bless you and yours.
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