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  • I stole some of your *air drumming* glory earlier.
    Any other regulations or guidelines I need know about? :)
    Urk! Didn't see your "Stairway" comment until after I had posted mine. Great minds ...
    Well, I'm glad you enjoy it.
    You sure like breaking my NON-existent balls!
    Jealousy is ugly, my friend.

    No, it was a fair warning. ROFL
    No worries ;)
    Tienes cinco hermanas?!!!!
    "2 outta 3 ain't bad"

    It is your lezzie sister that coaches cheer?
    Actually, that last one was the result of like a day of Pit Drip. And keep in mind that this was a 9lb. 11oz baby, too. 1 push once Dr. M said "go."
    If only you could bottle it. Sounds nicer that Pitocin :p
    So if another bio baby a sneeze will work? ROFL
    I can understand it a little bit when it is the 1st baby - you know? But hello - we've done this before. The Mrs. says that the kid is coming, you get a frickin' catchers mitt and get ready. Her history of active labor: 50 minutes, 25 minutes, 30 minutes, 15 minutes.
    Yeah, sometimes the OB staff think they know everything about birth. Everyone is different in all aspects of healthcare. My first OB nurse had to deliver my baby. I was dilating but my bag hadn't popped so the doctor popped it and said it should take about 4 hours and left. 29 minutes the baby was out. And it could have been out in 15. I keep hitting the nurse light and they kept brushing me off. I heard her say to my husband "she is going to be difficult, calm her down". What a bitch. I work with her, lol. She is actually the reason I wanted to focus on OB nursing. People don't deserve that shit.
    Epidurals are for pussies. Lol, I had one with my last. Why I didn't do it before, I'll never know. I don't think they are a good idea for the first timers, though. You have to know what you are doing to make that baby come out when you can't feel shit. Ahh, primaparas- they just don't understand the pain until it happens, lol.

    Sorry, get me talking about babies and such and I could go on forever. :eek:
    Paperwork sucks. At least you don't have to have "kill me, now!" contractions, though, O wait.
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