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  • Ahh. Context. I get it now. Seriously, good luck! You and your esposa are awesome :)
    You are making grabbing Mexicans a lot harder than what it really is. Maybe it is different here in Ca than where you are.
    PWNAGE!!!!!!! :p
    I am pwning you on Top Poster for the week awards. You better wheel up your game, dogg!
    Yeah, that one was pretty sweet. I was colored impressed. Actually, I was thinking "that's some Flagg sort of talent right tharr" ROFL
    ROFL I clean up nicely sometimes :p But I feel like the chick in the picture. Although I shave my armpits :p
    Is everything okay from last night when you tried to get ahold of me? Or were you just going to report peen change of status? :p
    At that point I think I as on.
    TMI = too much info as in :thailor: yu thavage ROFL
    BTW you have an ADORABLE family!
    It's ok I forgive you LOL I posted it, it's fair game.
    FLAG!!! good christ what is that in your sig! LOLOL Just for that I am taking a g away! :harumph: ;)
    I knew you had the flu, but I didn't know you were getting crippled by it! Holy Shit! Feel better dude! Wow!
    I think i got that ****ing flu also; i feel like i have a fever and my right side of the body is killing me and Im tired as shit.I dont want to sit and look at symptoms all night so the my mind plays tricks on me. Did you go to your family doctor or what?
    gonna rep the SNOT outta that sucker!! :D
    I figured they'd admit him. All for the best. Shut yurr complainin' :p
    So, how's the babe?
    It's okay. Jaric might be me too. :thumb:
    You're welcome. I'm an occasional visitor here (I don't post often) and a regular on Sox Planet. I simply like to give +rep when it's due.
    Awww...the little wanderers are sooo cute. My do you have your hands full!!!!!!!!!!!!
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