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  • Yes I put him on ignore, but he posts sooo often that his quotes keep coming up in other people's posts and I reach the point I have to say something. I'll go back to following my own advise again...
    Thanks for noticing. But it was a piece of cake. I grew up with my old man in the BR slapping that shit on his face and singing the jingle. Every bleeping morning. :shake:

    Cheers, BostonTim
    LOVE the car so much. Brought it to my mechanic and it had it thoroughly checked out and he said it is in great condition. :)
    I drove the car and LOVE it. Mint condition in and out, all the records and the mechanics card, always been garaged, new brakes and tires, new plugs and 02 sensor. Perfect.

    I've been driving a beat up 94 Mustang convertible with no power steering for over a awful and so embarrasing. But I got to save for this and the extra money pushed it through :) I'm a happy girl!
    It is great! And Momma gets a new car ;)

    It is a 430. Hmm..I had no transmission problems with my E320 ever and I had it until 300,000 miles. I am buying this one for 8,000..she can't afford the payments and i have all the service records, carfax etc. What would yours go for?
    Hey..Help!!! I am going to look at a car today. 2002 CLK Coupe with 115,000 on it. Any thoughts, good, bad or ugly on the model???
    Hey man, thanks for asking. Cast has been off for a few weeks now. Arm was stiff for about a day but by the next day, you'd have never known it was busted. I asked him last week which arm was the broken one and he pointed to the wrong one - and he knows his left from right. I took great pleasure in his stupidity.
    I see your name and the song apple bottom jeans pops into my head except I'm singing it as grumpy bottom jeans lol I don't know who you are on facebook :) That is why I came over here
    Oh crap, my bad. I didn't even see the "America Runs on" image posted. I thought you were talking about the Jeter one. To clarify:

    Jeter - my work
    Varitek - not my work (wish it was)
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