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    Gronk retires....

    so why interact with them? why be part of their forum?
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    Is this the worst ball handling team ever? It so weird to watch how sloppy they get
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    WTF Thread

    Hell no! This video scares the hell out of me
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    Mac Jones Is Our QB1

    we are in good shape with this man
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    NFL Schedule released today

    Crazy pats go thursday (thanksgiving) then again Thursday then a monday.
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    Brady/Bucs Draft Thread

    LOL LOL LOL LOL cause Bill's staff never gets poached, move on
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    Patriots Select Marcus Jones (CB) at #85

    LOL like i said just curious 🤣
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    Patriots Select Marcus Jones (CB) at #85

    who were the other 4 CB's? just curious
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    Rd 1, #29 - Cole Strange, IOL, Chattenooga

    Agree! anytime you add someone to protect the QB better its a no brainer. As long as he is what we hope its a solid pick
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    plus he got into foul trouble and when he went out the Celtics were down 8. and once he got back in I think they still had that same lead
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    The NFL Draft, 2022

    also who is to say thats not Jones best play ever made LOL
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    NFL Draft rounds 4 through 7

    I knew pats would take a qb