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  • Thanks for steering me to the Comments section following the PFT article. Been having many good laughs. Some of those remarks are hi-larious! ROFL
    Thanks, HH. I'm sorry for you loss, too. It's just a real kick in the gut. People that don't have dogs can't possibly understand the devastation and sadness.
    sorry to hear of the loss of your own dog, hhits :(
    treasure your own memories of companionship given & received
    I click everyday and I have been voting for the pet refuge of North Kingstown every day as well. They aren't in the top 10, but they are # 1 in RI now... What I don't get is the rain forest has over 1 mil hits. I click on everything, if you click rain forest why can't you click the others as well. Give the poor animals a small bowl of food.
    Congrats on the win for your boy Kasey! Dude drove a helluva race holding off Stewart on about three re-starts during the final 15 laps or so. Also good to see The King get in victory lane.
    LOL no worries, I will make sure we connect before/during/after the show :) Sounds like you've had an amazing world tour!
    Hey! Nice job at the House of Blues last night. Sorry I didn't get to say hello, but I did see you up in the booth. I was down in front. I'm deaf and exhausted, lol! Now I need another fix, dangit! Tell them to come back to Orlando more often :D
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