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  • Merry Christmas dew!
    I see. Glad to know you're OK!
    Busy time for me. My company sells in to DOD primes, it's Q4 and everybody has to get their money spent for their budgets next year.
    What town in the panhandle of Tejas do you live? I've been all over in that area...
    When you stop being a troll you're actually a pretty decent and funny guy.
    Meh, it's just because I'm a Chiefs fan. It's understandable to a point.
    I don't get the antagonism toward your remarks. They seem perfectly normal to me??
    You know, I have a boar that needs to knock up our 3 sows. If you like jacking pigs off that much, we could use your talents ;)
    Merry Christmas!
    Don't get any Ideas!!
    It means you have to do whatever I tell to you too. Cool huh?
    You need a friend and I find you hysterical.
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