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  • My daughter freaked who had gay married bridesmaids... didn’t know how to explain it to her kids she had to have me explain it to the 8 year old. I told her the 4 year old doesn’t even know..... He thinks he’s Tyrannosaurus Rex and wears a costume to prove it lol.

    I finally had to get a close up of your avatar to figure out what it was. Nice pun, but I thought it was a indian Chiefs head. Wrong. While, I'm here--- Hi!!
    I tired again. No big deal. Just checking in how you & Mr.HSanders are doing through all this covid bs. Hope all is well.
    lol. I think I just posted a response to myself. Visit my whatever this thing is page. Meant for you.
    Nice to see you back. I'm in & out but glad to see you around. Hope you had a good B-day & the hubby got you something nice.
    Miss you too. You were always one of my "must reads" -- always had something interesting to chip in and there aren't many like that left, but I keep coming back. Hope you are well and looking forward to the new Pats. I think it's going to be way more fun than most folks do. See you around, hopefully.
    Good to see around today. I have some new developments to catch you up on & will when I get a little time.
    Welcome back. I was hoping you'd show up since I know your feelings about puddy tats. Did not know your sentiments about the canine, but wish I had had the balls to be as direct as you were about not being a fan. We are definitely in the minority!
    I sent you one but it could be a site issue. BT & I have the same problem. Just wanted to share a few things that have gone on in my life but not for everyone's eye's. I will try again
    I know you took no offense at my not mentioning you as a currently great MM poster. Just see my recent birthday post! Plus, I'll always be grateful for you covering my rear end years ago when someone took a shot. I have a long memory and remain appreciative.
    Thank you. They are terrible losses but also helpful in understanding abortion. It is an awful thing to lose a child. I can't image any woman comes away from an abortion the same way she was before.
    You need a KOK decoder for Dew. I use Doo instead...because KOK usually miss spellz eveyting. :rolleyes:

    It's his version of "dude"...
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