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  • Wait, let me stop laughing first. Sorry for what, IKP? I don't apologize to people who are bigoted lunatics with genocidal ideations. And grab some backbone while you're at it. I don't attack people unless they ask for it. You kept baiting me by saying I was personally attacking you...so I finally did. :coffee:
    How's reading those homophobic Jerry Falwell quotes helping you?

    Btw, notice how no one's supporting you here? Notice how you were AC'd for a good reason? I've been laughing my way through this thread; thanks for demonstrating such ignorance.
    You are an ignorant jackass. I'm full of hate? Why? Because I find your posts full of stupidity, ignorance, and homophobia?

    YOU'RE the one full of hate. Yes, we get it; you hate homosexuals. You referenced Jerry Falwell; you do realize that there are plenty of quotes from him that demonstrated his HATRED of homosexuals? Well, if he's a hero of yours, you must share that hatred.
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