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  • and if you haven't already, check out BoJack Horseman on Netflix
    The one on Cap? I was trying to express I loved the rant.
    What? I don't get your comment in my rep.
    Would like to see you on the board again. Hope all is well
    I see you still pop in from time to time, with luck when (if) this all blows over you can jump back in the pool
    Yes, brah. Popularized in hawaiian/west coast culture, it's short for "brother" and interchangable with bro in modern young buck language. Possibly not common in the mid-west, but you won't catch me saying any of that flyover state shit.
    Oh boy thanks for the laughs in the RR cut thread. Hope you are doing well. Ninjas LOL
    You poor bastard. Who keeps doing these name changes? ROFL
    your not banned yet? WTF is wrong with this place!!! These dam mods are too lenient! ROFL
    14 rookies and UDFAs. Scary as hell. We have no idea what we've got and how they'll react to a real game. I'm nervous as hell.
    Friday I am trading stocks for my 22 rifle with someone. The gun action parts will be the same, but my "hunting style rifle" goes to a "military style rifle"..... According to some, that makes my rifle and evil rifle.
    Is it to early to start 0-6 thread? :)
    Awwww. :luv:
    See I knew there was a reason I refrain from saying anything about PM- was because of you. :heart:
    No problem on the unintentional derailing. Didn't bother me.
    I wanna smoke some weed with you!
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