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  • And not for nothing, he STARTED the frigging thread to be a dick. He gets whatever he deserves under those circumstances. Bravo to you for constantly hitting the nail on the head in an attempt to explain it to him. The disconnec is and will always be on his side.
    doood!! Did you get lost in the lifestyle on South Beach? That can happen. But sooner or later you gotta sleep. And eat. And when you do, you realise you just spent the last week in one drug and alcohol induced sechs orgy with hotties you dont even know.

    Get yourself tested bro.
    Just wanted to wish you and your team luck on Sunday. Any other team but the Saints and I would root for the Colts just so you guys are happy...but the Saints are hard to root against being their 1st SB, likeable players and what happened to that city a few years ago. Anyways, good luck and have a fun week!
    SOunds like a reasonable explanation but a shallow understand of NFL realities. THanks for at least making me feel like I am not COMPLETELY off base here but I feel of all the FAs that have been let go which I can live with THIS one I would be sick over.
    Hey Jaric..on the Vince thing IF Polian does end up signing him I will be sick to my stomach BUT maybe something like that will wake these fans up to the reality of what letting players like Vince has and is doing to the team.:)
    I owe ya rep..remind me tomorrow ok? You are the bestest Colts fan ever.:) Those pics are TOO funny.
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