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    Irsay Is Still High...

    I don't think most of us care really. :shrug_n:
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    Chuck Pagano?s ?Deep Hatred? for Patriots

    All the same I'm proud of you guys. :Poke:
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    Is Mahomes the most dangerous person in the NFL?

    I think it's way too earlier in Mahomes career to make any kind of long term assessments, good or bad. He played great for most of last year and has a lot of potential. That's about all I'm willing to say at the moment.
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    Ellen Destroys Edelman

    Thank you for your service.
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    New York Jets are on the Clock - nominate their Signature play

    As an act of solidarity with the other non-pats fans I'll nominate Joe Namath walking off the field after SBIII with his finger up. I'm voting for the buttfumble, but the Jets bros deserve at least one good memory on the list
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    Chuck Pagano?s ?Deep Hatred? for Patriots

    I have to say guys, I'm proud of you. These responses show real personal growth.
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    Random Football News

    Ahk! Don't tell the others!
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    Random Football News

    Like Gandalf, he was sent back because his work was not complete
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    Felger Hits New Low

    If I were you fellas, I'd follow Mike Reiss for updates and that would be it. Anything Pats related that's remotely important he'll tell you about in a reasonable and fair manner. That's what I've done (sub in Mike Chappel) and I've never once regretted it.
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    Chuck Pagano?s ?Deep Hatred? for Patriots

    I'd Google his record against New England for that answer.
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    Chuck Pagano?s ?Deep Hatred? for Patriots

    That also seems appropriate.
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    Chuck Pagano?s ?Deep Hatred? for Patriots

    Genuinely curious, does finding out Chuck Pagano doesn't like you provoke any emotion other than indifference?
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    Random Football News

    wuv Howard Mudd