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  • Beat those yanks tomorrow!
    Merry Christmas, Julie. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.
    Sorry, OSU. I just saw this now and don't think I responded. It was nice, thanks.
    Thank you for your thoughts, Joolz!!
    Thanks for the words. This has been my fear since this showed up
    Hope you had a mice Easter, Joolz. Keep staying safe & healthy
    Happy Easter Joolz. Be safe, be well.

    Have a safe weekend sweetheart & all the best to you & yours.
    I think this thing is bit overblown but nothing wrong being smart & safe. So stay safe, Joolz. Okay.
    you may want to consider putting me on ignore because I'm not going to change the way I do things. The political forum isn't exactly a tea party.
    I never post in the political forum because of the nastiness but I did very much appreciate your post to O.Z.O You are one of the nicest & sweetest people I've met here.
    Hope you have a great holiday season Joolz
    Missing you hope everything is good?

    It's amazing that people watching the exact same thing have entirely different interpretations of it. For me, I find Trump terrifying and repulsive. For others, quite a different take.
    Thank you, Joolzie. Made my day. Seriously!
    Almost spring training, Ms. Joolzie!
    I love putting a little sexual tone to everything I post. ROFL
    Merry Christmas, Joolzie.
    Thanks Sweetheart having a hard time over this ugh
    So inspired by this thread, I gave AHS "Cult" a try yesterday. Way too dark and gory (I realize that's the point) - crazy clowns on the rampage. Plus I didn't want to deal with the Trump Wins theme. Forgot to mention in my post that I also watched the Hotel season mostly bc I wanted to see if Lady Gaga can act. She did fine.
    I didn't think I needed the coffee guy. lol. Only thing that keeps me here out here. Seriously. :)
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