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  • I see you! Start posting sucka!
    Just wanted to say it was so nice meeting you, finally. You're not an asshole at all, but I'll keep that a secret ;)
    lmao its all good hit me up friday if your going to make it. I believe a few of us are going to grab lunch nearby 4124777513
    vegas lounge in norwood(near the stadium???) we will be there friday saturday lol
    you going to the draft party? your page is too bright lol
    long time huh...
    yea I am not sure why they did that for game types other than those where you only have 1 life a round; I have heard people just camp in it trying to get those moster kills streaks in TDM; thats not my thing lol
    34< i am only doing SnD i hear TD gives 100 points a kill wtf!
    lol high quality ;)
    LMAO i told you man I admit I am a dork when it comes to certain games ROFL...the gamestop i preordered at had a line 200 deep; freaking ridiculous!
    He is doing good. He watched the game with me last night. All decked out in his Pats onesie. I swear he could feel my tension because he was fidgedy all game long. 2 minutes after the game is over he is fast asleep.
    How is the new little sweetie doing?
    You are so sweet thanks SOO much Major.:)
    Thank You! wuv
    Thank you, sir. wuv
    You're so thoughtful! Thank you very much. Looking forward to spending the day with my daughter!
    Drive by hugs and well wishes.:)
    thatyou are an easy kill on there :D
    its just facts ;)
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