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  • I don't even bother posting in there anymore because he's so abrasive and self-serving that he makes the place unreadable.
    loved all the LaborDay BostonHarbor pics, especially the city skyline from the island one. lived in the Boston area all my life & never been out there......maybe next year ROFL
    I hear where you're coming from. I definitely take long extensive breaks from the forum for the same reason. I think you'd be suprised at how "liberal" I can come across in real life, but the nature of these forums causes you to pick a side and argue it.

    I know exactly who you're referring to in the forum, and one day I actually decided to take them on regarding the Gitmo closing because I thought their logic was flawed, but I can't go against them too much without looking completely bi-polar.

    Maybe after a break you'll feel comfortable coming back?! The forum definitely needs balance, and I don't like the circle jerk any more than you do.
    Sorry to see you go! Sincerely. We may disagree most of the time, but I've always enjoyed the banter.
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