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  • Happy Birthday! :)

    you will also need to visit the Planet more..:) I miss you Jag, SC and the rest of the gang. Jag moved about one hour from me..poor bastahd..LOL
    It is the right thing but sure does not make it easy. Any time one of our beloved players go elsewhere it hurts like they are family. *hugs*
    I will be honest with you, the team is doing what they have to do to get better. For him and his fans yes it sucks. I never want to see TB in another uniform period and am sure that is how people feel about him. But HI!
    Be happy you live in a civilized country! This "custom" of mutilating dogs to be "proper" for the breed is revolting. On a diff subject: if you really are from Denmark, allow me to say that Copenhagen remains THE most beautiful city I have even visited, and I've seen LOTS of beautiful cities (starting with San Francisco where I live).
    If you're serious, that is the result of a barbaric "beauty treatment" they perform on this breed of dogs to make its ears stand up straight. Ugh.
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